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    Non Xbox360 controller causes appcrash

    So I have a non-Microsoft-Xbox360 controller made by ACME which the game is not willing to recognize only just X360 controllers ( Its makes me upset because my controller has the exact same features as the x360 has )
    Anyway this can be avoided by an emulator so the game will take my controller and I am able to play perfectly with gamepad BUT after a 30 or 50 minutes the game freezes and I only able to close it by ctrl+alt+del combo. No error messsages only " ac4sp.exe stopped working" (something like that) and reason: appcrash.
    I cant even configure it by myself, Im hitting that button and nothing happens but the navigation sticks working in the menu and in-game.
    Why does the new games only accept Microsoft controllers?! WHY!? I wont buy a controller for twice the price beacuse some big corporation declared that other usb controller isnt good for the game.

    Its a pity beacuse the game is awesome, I have nothing wrong with the keyboard I just wanted to play sitting back in my chair with my hand on my lap.
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    I feel like all perennials should work for every game to. Like why can't i use my steering wheel to steer my ship?? But reality is that is not the case. if the app is crashing i would contact the maker of the emulator.
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