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    xbox controller some times not working

    my xboxcontroller sometimes works, other times it does not, I know the controller is fine and mapped correctly, every other games works fine.
    It is an erratic problem, sometimes I have no problem playing, then all of a sudden the view keeps on looking up and view button I have to keep pushed up to keep level view.
    I've lodged a help ticket but so far got no response back

    Any one else having this problem
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    At last I've fixed it myself and got the Xbox controller working. After hours of uninstalling drivers and reinstalling etc and still not working, I disconnected the flight yoke I also have connected, and Yep, the xbox controller worked fine.
    So the fix is , make sure you have every other controller unplugged. It's really annoying as when I next go and fly my flight sim, I'm going to have to re calibrate that for my flight controls.
    AC4 is the first time I've ever seen this, I have every other AC game and they work fine with my other controller connected.

    Hopefully there will be a patch to fix this issue but I would not bet on it, they still did not reply to my ticket
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    It's happened on other games, I remember a few that would only work with one controller. Also some that would have to be re-assigned when you plugged in a second controller and even sometimes games that were fussy about which USB port a controller was plugged in to.
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