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    unavailable items

    hello everyone, although i've unlocked all items some of them are unavailable like golden flintlock pistols, some sails, wheels. sails and wheels say "redeem on uplay" and i don't understand how to equip them.
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    golden flintlocks you obtain by doing all naval contracts, and you can earn uplay points by doing stuff like completing sequence 6 for example. you go to the game actions and rewards and then you can choose the Toledo pach for example.
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    i've the special edition version of the game and have a dlc code but still can't equip them. it says "0 R" and "unavailable".
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    The Golden Flintlocks aren't able to be equipped until you complete all the Naval Contracts.
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    Some items have to be got through the Fleet minigame, others by connections to Friends I think. Then there are some you get via Initiates, and some community challenges that haven't happened yet. It's all a bit of a mystery to me too.
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