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    Freezes in Second patch

    I have had several more game freezes after the second patch. In four tries I have had four freezes when in combat with the elite ghosts. Sometimes Ctl-Atl-R moves things along, but while it may free up my party for their next move it doesn't help in the end. It appears that the ghosts cannot make a move or attack and everything eventually totally locks up. This last time the mini-map still showed one opponent directly in front but no one was there ( could not attack so it wasn't an enemy with invisibility).

    In general I liked the changes, especially the faster leveling and change in points per level. It gave me a better chance to see benefits of higher expertise levels.
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    I, too, have this problem.
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    Since the last update impossible to use the last save. The screen is freeze with a lot of bug.

    Version = 1.2.2 early access 9778

    How to play now ?
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