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    Run as an Administrator

    Run as an Administrator...worked for me.
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    Disable UAC

    I had the same problem when first trying to use Uplay. The client would crash every time. After reading the post about succeeding when running as an adminstrator, I found a similar solution.

    Disable Windows UAC. It has worked perfectly since I did.

    In Windows 7:
    Control Panel>All Control Panel Items>User Accounts>Change User Account Control settings
    Set the slider all the way to the bottom and click OK
    Restart your PC

    Mind you, UAC is what pops up asking you if you want programs to be allowed to make changes to your computer. My guess is that Uplay interferes with this and thus crashes when it fails to gain whatever permission it wants.

    Good luck friends.
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    A bit late but for everyone still with the problem.
    Start Steam as Administrator and you should be fine.
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    Reinstalling admin worked for me.


    I was experiencing uplay crashes 100% of the time when attempting to start anno 2070 bought on steam. I reinstalled uplay following these instructions as suggested and it solved my problem.


    2 Notes:
    1) I did not reset my hosts file. I did delete the left over files in step 2.
    2) I made sure to run the installer with admin privileges.
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    After that you need to pick the alternative which is simply listed below the login choices. myhr-cvs Next off, you need to enter your Day of Birth.
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    non posso aprire uplay non so il perchè
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    After so much time, still no fix in this app(Ubisoft game launcher)?Do you even read the messages? Ridiculous!
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