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    Uplay game launcher crashes


    The game has been working fine since yesterday, ive bought the deluxe edition via steam and added the code to my uplay account.

    Yesterday i added the Homeland DLC code to my uplay account (instead of ingame) and weirdly enough this added the game another time on my uplay account, this time the normal version.

    Now when i try to start the game via steam its opens UPLAY, then starts patching uplay and starts up after logging in. The game tries to launch but now suddenly (due to the added game again) its gives me 2 options:

    1. launch Splinter Cell Blacklist
    2. launch Splinter Cell Blacklist the deluxe edition

    EITHER choices result in the launcher and UPLAY crashing instantly, the game does not start at all. Ive also tried bypassing the steam launch by launching directly from UPLAY but this also results in the 2 choices and crashes after.

    I have opened support ticket 00879626 but have not had any response so far. Im thinking this is due to both games (normal and deluxe) listed on my uplay account but im not sure. I cannot remove any of them but i know for sure that when i only had the deluxe version listed my game WORKED.

    Seeing several people having patch problems this also could be it but i dont know, would like a response on my ticket and get this fixed, bit of a shame to have logged less then 2 hours played and now it doesnt work, not to mention the money spent and the joy lost.
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    My UPLAY version is 4.1.6 updated yesterday.
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    Hi, have you tried reinstalling the Uplay Launcher? https://support.ubi.com/en-gb/FAQ.as...0000000eSrvCAE

    I will ask Support to contact you on your ticket.
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    I am having the exact same problem. Tried to re-install UPlay from the support link below, did not fix my problem, but I managed to go from 95% complete in AC4 : Black Flag to 45 % complete. Gotta love those cloud sync / save game issues.
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    Hi Zhanny001
    Any update from Ubisoft on that issue
    I'm having the exact same issue and i'm also pissed off about this issue

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    Originally Posted by zhanny001 Go to original post
    ive bought the deluxe edition via steam and added the code to my uplay account.

    Yesterday i added the Homeland DLC code to my uplay account...
    WHY??? Digital Deluxe edition already contains Homeland DLC.

    1) Ask Steam tech support for money back, because Digital Deluxe edition already has Homeland DLC.
    2) Ask Ubisoft tech support to remove Homeland DLC from your Uplay account, probably this will fix your issue.
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    Same issue after activating Homeland DLC w/ Deluxe version...

    My game is doing the same thing... I re-installed splinter cell (losing my multiplayer lvl 42 save game in the process), re installed uplay. It always crashed after asking which version that I want to run.

    Anyone have a solution to this or are we waiting for another patch to come out?
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    exactly same issue here , please fix this Ubi
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    Exact same problem here too.

    re-installing the uplay launcher change absolutely nothing in this case as UPLAY accepted the redeem code even if it was faulty and installed another version of the game (should have done nothing at all), this create a conflict when trying to start the game. even tried uninstall both from UPLAY but re-directed to steam to uninstall...uninstalled the game twice. but it doesn't remove the faulty redeemed codes from my account.

    when will I learn to stop buying games from steam? they created this issue by trying to sell a DLC that was already included in the deluxe version and failed to write a warning about it...and trying to get customer service from steam is near impossible...

    just discovered another issue: I bought deluxe, with both DLC sold by steam, one for the high-power weapons and the homeland dlc.
    now I have the regular version of blacklist UPLAY installed when I redeemed homeland DLC and when i look the redeemed code for it, it is the redeem code I used for high-power weapons...
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    Same problem here. Ticket #00894769. Fix this crap.
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