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    AC4 lost save progress


    basically for me an almost 11 hour session has been wiped out. I can't imagine a more serious issue with a game. I just wanted this highlighted in the bug forum as I found that other one via Google. I bought this via Steam.

    Reviewer had a similar issue
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    I can confirm this as well, this morning I returned to the game and lost 7 hours of play time. It is amazing to me how this virtually game-breaking bug could find its way into the final release. I also bought this game via steam. before logging out, the "saving" indicator was glitched, and was displayed indefinitely for 5 minutes, even on the main menu screen. it persisted up until the game quit. I attempted to validate the game files through the game properties tab, and all files were successfully validated. this is not an issue with a faulty install, this is an issue with a faulty saving system in the game, and an issue that will keep me from playing the game until i see it resolved.
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    Same thing just happened to me, I'm extremely annoyed about this. Lost a 10 hour game session, tons of unlocks and secrets and then it all gets wiped? Awesome.Absolutely ridiculous.
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    Same here! Lost a seasson of 6 hours of playing. And everywhere i look no one knows a solution or solving thread for this issue. Any of you got an answer? Or Ubi? Why aren't they answering?
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    I just lost 50+ hrs of play time, going through the game as a Completionist, and with no save option you assume that collecting the side quests and random chests/ animus fragments would be rewarding. However when the game crashes, and upon reloading you realize you now no longer have your diving bell, but instead must again meet up with Stede Bonnet on Havi really ticked me off. What is being done about this bug? Why do you people still rely on cloud save? It is so worthless, give us an in game save option for single player! So much time just wasted that now has to be recovered. Sure a few hours is bad, but half the game!?!
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    Not sure how much time I lost but as I went to play today I lost pretty much all of my time spent yesterday. A whole medium section that was cleared is now covered and undiscovered again. along with a few weapons, outfits, and .ship upgrades.
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    Happened to me twice... over 20 hours of game play... last time I am buying anything that uses Uplay.
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    Same problem here. About 3 hours of gameplay lost.
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    the second time I lost gameplay 7-10 hours ....
    saves on the pirated version or where not lost ... poky uplay
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    Finally got the game yesterday, played for 15 hours straight just to find myself short of 10 hours of gameplay today, I dont even want to play anymore.
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