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    PC Performance feedback

    After playing game couple of hours i need to say few things. Firs of all CPU usage is bad, Core 0 is always 100% and other cores are onder 10-20% load. I have tried to turn off all cores beside 2 and Core 0 was under 100% load, and Core 1 was under 50% load. It should be balanced not load one core 100%.

    Also i have strange FPS drop in present day that makes game unplayable (FPS drops to 5) and after entering and exiting menu everything is back to normal for couple of minutes then it happens again.
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    I see the same exact thing. Core 0 is at 100% and the other cores are at 15% or lower. This causes lots of framedrops from 60 in any city area on max settings. This is absolutely pathetic. After ACIII you would think Ubi would have learned how to properly code for multi-core systems. Especially with the new consoles essentially being low-mid tier x86 PCs.
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