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    Save game lost

    I've spent 7 hours playing the game and the lag got bad so I pressed esc, went back to the main menu, then clicked exit to desktop. When I relaunched the game it's saying I've only spent 20 minutes playing and I'm at 1% completion. Is this a joke? I lost 7 hours of game play and have to start over basically? I've tried relaunching several times and it's saying the same thing and I'm back at the, "Look up at the light, now down."

    Update 1: Uplay achievements even says I've completed sequence 4 so I'm guessing I was at sequence 5, I was at the part where you attack the fortress for the first time with your ship.

    Update 2: I just got to the point where I can do the fleet missions.... it saved my spot on that... So I'm not quite sure how that's possible and yet the rest of my save data is lost.
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    Same problem here. Any ideas?
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    This happened to me last night as well. Lost 10 hours of progress. Come on Ubisoft, how about a reply?
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    The same happened to me...10 hours of progress lost..after restarting the game i was back at the beginning..
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    Well I'm glad I'm not the only one.... I guess I'll just start again and hope it doesn't happen once more.
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    Same just happened to me. What the hell? Why even go back and restart if this is just going to happen again?
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    I just logged back on to play, and I've lost approximately 12 hours of progress. The worst part is that I spent most of that time doing menial things like building up my ship or collecting items rather than continuing the story. What a waste of time. Like other people have said above, what's the point of starting again if it's going to happen again.
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    I keep on playing for an hour and then quitting to my desktop and it doesn't seem to be doing the same thing. But still I should be able to get my saved game back somehow...
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    Same issue. 8 hours. Steam version.
    I will not buy any more games Ubisoft.
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    I played 10 hours of this game. It says on steam, it says it on Uplay via achievements. Now I am back at first plantation mission. WTF Ubisoft. I love this game but Uplay was the ****test decision Ubisoft have made and this is why. This never happened to any of my 43 steam games. For any of you having this problem, there is no way to recover it as far as I know. Turn the damn Cloud Save system off in Uplay setting so that you do not lose your save again. I gotta lay off this game for a while. I can't go back to this game with this amount of frustration.

    Ubisoft. If you want to make your own game-launcher, do it right, at least.
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