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    Just lost alot of save progress

    I wanted to unlock Uplay content for my game so i quit to menu in singleplayer mode and joined the mutiplayer from there. Then i did the tutorial for points and unlocked the item trough uplay and returned to my save game. All of a sudden i have fallen way back in the storyline but i have the achivment that shows that i have achiveid further in the storyline. Now im stuck as i dont know what will happen if i continue.... FIX THIS!
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    This just happened to me. I've played since it was released at 2pm. Decided to take a short break, let the GPU cool off, and update my video drivers. I exited to the main menu, it listed "19% completion, 10 hours played". I exited the game, updated my drivers, then when I restarted it it was back to 9% completion and only 40 minutes played! 10 hours of work gone! Tell me this is reversible!
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    Same happened to me, now at 2%, but I put in over 8 hours yesterday. I hope there is a way to fix this.
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    +1 Put in one 10hr 45 min session yesterday, and I'm now back to the mission leading up to robbing the plantation. All my ship upgrades are gone, taken forts lost, presumably all the chests and animus fragments I've picked up are wiped as well. I'm afraid guys if this can't be corrected this bug just ended this game for me.

    I've just found the hideout has been wiped out along with all the upgrades, and every completed location I'd done has been lost as well.

    I've been using the Altair outfit and I was getting a lot of those 'saving' messages.

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    I also lost 8 hours of playing! WTF is that??? And why is no Ubisoft-guy answering??
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    Lost 3 hours of play and clearing all missions in an area. Ubi has no idea what's going on.
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    Always disable cloud saving. I don't trust it in Steam and I sure as hell don't trust it here.
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    Seems to be working ok for me now cloud saving is disabled, but as to why no Ubi rep is speaking to us god knows. I've found the feature on steam very reliable, and have not had an issue with uplay until this game. However it will remain off indefinitely now. Still pretty sickened though.
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    When I started today my character just entered Havanna. When I stopped yesterday I had my own ship and all Missions, etc. in Havanna cleared!

    I did not activate the cloud saving from the start, so this also happens without cloud saving. I seriously hope that someone from Ubisoft will answer this, because this bug needs to be fixed.
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    Cloudsaving is activated untill u deactivate it! So u saved ur data on cloud!
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