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    MMDoCKing-Cup #1 - The Loser Takes It All - Saturday (16.11.2013)

    *UPDATE* - Dangerous Research is banned - coz op!

    Sorry for the little wall of text Hope a lot of you will participate!

    On the next weekend our first MMDoCKing-Cup is taking place- with really special rules (thanks to winlu!) ;-)

    Everyone can participate, we have no max. limit! Since we are playing in a single elimination system, it will not take too long if 256 or even more players would participate.


    We have really special rules, because in our first MMDoCKing-Cup the loser is the winner ;-)

    - The tournament is starting on Saturday, 16.11.2013 @14:00 Paris time! If you wanna participate, you should have some time for it – can be a long day! The cast of the semi-finals and the final will start @around 19:00 Paris time on twitch.tv/theenclase. The stream will be online the whole day to show some information about the tournament, but the cast is starting earliest at 19:00 Paris time!

    - You are winning your match, if you lose it! That means, you have to fall below 1 healthpoint to win the match!
    - Deckchanges are allowed as often as you wish, only one banned card - DANGEROUS RESEARCH IS NOT ALLOWED IN THIS TOURNAMENT!
    - Surrendering is of course not allowed…If you surrender, you have lost the match!
    - Every participant has to add the DoC-Nicks ‘MMDoCKing1‘ – ‘MMDoCKing2‘ and ‘MMDoCKing3‘ as a friend in the game! With this accounts you will be able to talk while the tournament is running. That has the advantage, that we can see who is not there instantly – and you can easily send questions and stuff while the tournament is running.

    - We are using a simple single-elimination system – If you lose a matchup, you are out!

    - Till we reach the top 64, every game is best of 1! That means one game is deciding!
    - The matches of the top 32 till the final will be best of 3!
    - The final and the final for the third place will be best of 5!

    - You can register with a Challonge-Account here: http://mmdocking.challonge.com/tourn...nup/FRIWCi6Tbs - Please register with your InGame-Name!

    If your Challonge-Account has a different name, just go after the registration to ‘Your Name or Team’ and change it into your DoC-Nick

    Picture to see where you find it

    The winner of each round has to report the result by his own on challonge. If you have questions / posted a wrong result, just talk with the ‘MMDoCKing’-Support-Accounts, which you have in your friendlist ;-)


    Registrations on Challonge with wrong nicks will be disqualified! We need your DoC-Nick on Challonge!

    If you have not added the 3 ‘MMDoCKing’-Accounts till the tournament is starting, you are disqualified!

    After a new round has started, you have to start your game within 10 minutes. If you are not responding, you are disqualified!

    You can stream and talk about your matches till the semi-finals! It would be nice to see in your description of the stream, that you are playing the MMDoCKing-Cup – so we would have some advertising
    If you reach the top 4, you are not allowed to stream your matches longer or to talk about the results!
    We will cast the semi-finals and the finals and the viewers should not know how it ends. That means also, we only need the replays of the semi-finals, the final and the final for the third place.

    Make sure to play the tournament not via Steam, since the replays are not tracked correctly if you play not with the normal client!

    Questions? Feel free to ask I will respond as soon as possible.

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    Bazaltovy's Avatar Swiss Hunter
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    Lodz, Poland
    You have my sword!
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    Originally Posted by Bazaltovy Go to original post
    You have my sword!
    Sure that it isn't a kitchen knife? :/
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    I am doing testing now, it looks like this will be the most interesting tournament so far. Didnt have so much fun while deckbuilding since weeks
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    jkk89's Avatar First 1700 ELO! Hooah!
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    I'm in. So first Tyrion & really0riginal, now You, awesome work guys

    I have already a pretty good idea for a deck.
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    i'm in too, even if you destroyed the 30 mins of work for a dangerous research deck with your little update.
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    Already have the deck
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    Count me in.

    And I think you should change the rules into worst of 1, worst of 3 and worst of 5, just to keep with the tournament spirit
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    Originally Posted by LQDBrunt Go to original post
    Already have the deck
    Make sure to register on Challonge, dont see you there so far.

    Im already excited to see if you are also the master of not winning a game!
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    Originally Posted by Enclase Go to original post
    Make sure to register on Challonge, dont see you there so far.

    Im already excited to see if you are also the master of not winning a game!

    I just not won vs Durendal three times, meaning I'm capable
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