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    96% Complete But The Rest Is "Missing"

    So this is really weird, but I completed the game for 96%, doing all missions, completing all locations fully, finding every chest, animus fragment and buying everything there is. But for no reason at all, some stuff just is missing. Making it impossible to complete the game entirely.

    For example, I am missing 2 "assassination contracts". When I looked at my Sync details, it shows that 2 contracts were skipped. I don't know how this can happen at all. Lastly, I am missing one hidden chest, but since I got every upgrade an no icons show on my map, I would think this is a bug.

    Also, my statistisch (money, ships sunken) have been reset to zero a few days ago. It's like I have done nothing at all. Anyway, I am totally amazed right now and see no way to fix these things. As both a game and a trophyhunter, this really is annoying.
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    Not sure if it includes DLCs as part of the full sync like ACII did...
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    The one missing chest, your fleet finds a treasure map on a mission.
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