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    Will there be 4-Players MMDOC? Look at this card and tell me

    I think at one point, there will be 4-players games in MMDOC, lots of cards discriptions hints to this.
    But one of the most obvious ones in my opinion is Kabuki Tei

    It says:
    "Kabuki Tei can be deployed on another friendly creature. If you do, return that creature to its owner's hand."
    Lots of cards use the term "friendly" creatures instead of "your" creatures, but I wanted stronger evedince on the 4-player game than the use of this term.

    In "Kabuki Tei" it says "Kabuki Tei can be deployed on another friendly creature. If you do,return that creature to its owner's hand."

    So, if it was 2-players game only, it should have said "return that creature to your hand", hence the use of the word "you" before that.
    But saying the owner's hand means you can deploy it on your friend's creature, and return that creature to his hand.

    What do you think?
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    Your conclusion is wrong. You can puppetmaster a creature and play a Kabuki over it, it will go to opponents hand than.
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    I think you are right

    Still hope for 4-Players MMDoC though :-P
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    Ubi would've to change completly game platform to support more players, different board size ect. Beside on Ipad that'd be very troublesome to include couse of resolution, even right now when you will zoom a card on ipad it covers almost whole board and its hard to point an ongoin card (Like your spell with spellsmasher If situation will force you to do so) you can barerly see it.
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    Besides that, Ubi would have to change name of the game, as by definition duel is between two players .
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    I hope it will be 2v2 .. as you say xD, I'm so excited about it, if they will make a 2v2 mode.
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