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    AC3 connection problems?

    Abstergo ladder isn't updating at all, and neither is our points.

    I've started to disconnect from every single session I join in. Sometimes the game keeps putting me into the very same session many times in a row and keeps disconnecting me, making an annoying loop. I can join and play sessions fine by joining from my friendlist, even if it was the same session I kept disconnecting after using normal session search system. The game stops looking for games at 3/?? and gets stuck on the lobby even more now, eventually kicking out and saying "session is no longer available". Grouping separates everyone of us now even more, or gets stuck on a rotating abstergo symbol without even trying to search sessions. Or some of us gets stuck on the lobby, while their characters are walking around the map during the whole session.

    This suddenly started happening a week from now. Nothing's changed. Uplay is often crashing the game if opened in-game. Before this, I never had such issues with AC3, or with any other game. I can easily find ACR and ACB sessions more than AC3 now. What's going on?

    E: Oh, and at least one player in my team always has a black bar above his head instead of the player name...
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    I believe it is because they have been reset.

    Originally Posted by Ubi-Valentin Go to original post
    The ladders had been reset. Afeter a reset, there are always a few days without any ladder update, just in order to have solid numbers basically.
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    Have you tried contacting the support about this disconnection issue?
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