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    Second "Real Time" action sequence (OH MY GOD GUYS) *caution spoilers*

    So heres what happened. After getting set up and playing the game for a few hours I noticed no one had pulled me out of the animus yet to talk to me or anything so I got out myself and looked around the Abstergo building (so basically the floors I have access to). I found some sticky notes but they jumped from numbers 2, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, and so on. After I couldnt find anymore I continued to wander round. AND DID ANYONE NOTICE SHAUN WORKING AT THE COFFEE STAND IN THE LOBBY AND IN THE BEGINNING INTRO "REAL TIME" SEQUENCE REBECCA AS A COURIER??!?!?!?! ANYWAY, I went back to my animus and played for another hour, and then the female whom showed me in and everything in the beginning, told me to meet the CEO and that gave me access to the CEO's office. He didnt talk to me but I got another sticky note from his office, and then a man spoke to me via my bluetooth and asked me to go do something and that game me level 1 access to a door that was locked on the floor where my animus is. I went in there hacked the computer and got what he asked BUT, instead of leaving I hacked the other computers and got a sticky note. And from the computers I got a video tape of the Abstergo discovery of Desmonds dead body, a photo of a man and a bio of him, and then THE SADDEST ****ING TAPE RECORDING OF DESMOND TALKING TO HIS DAD ABOUT SOMETHING HE REMEMBERED. Then I went back downstairs to give whatever i needed to to FREAKING REBECCA AND SHE WAS TALKING TO SHAUN. GUYS WHAT THE ****. Are they like brainwashed or something or undercover. Because even when I was approaching them I could hear Shaun tell her about how he is better than this job or something like that. And then the attention was directed to me. Are they pretending not to really notice me or whatever so they can rescue me later i mean WHAT IS HAPPENING GUYS WHAT IS HAPPENING.
    Private message me if you have played further ahead than I, I have to do homework so yeah. And for anyone else, ANY IDEA WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?!?!?!
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    http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...-WARNING-RULES! Major spoilers, OP. Use the spoiler tags. Them's the rules or the mods will be after you.

    All I can say to your massive run on sentence (use paragraphs, makes it easier to read) is continue playing. It's explained as you go.

    Excitement is one thing, but don't ruin the game for others. You just gave away a LARGE part of the beginning.
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    Geez louise dude, WTF?? It's part of the f*ing game to keep playing and find out what happens and what it all means. Thank god I already played past that part but dude, so not cool to post such an explicit spoiler even if you have questions!!
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    Sorry, i warned about the spoilers :P
    Thanks for the tips, I jumped on and made an account in haste because of my excitment.
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    You got hype for this? Geez, what happend when you completed ACR? You destroyed the TV?
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