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    Assassin Contract target is nowhere to be found

    I received the contract from the coop in 'Corozal' and it told me to go to 'Ambergris Key' to locate my target. It's one of the missions where you have to go diving in order to get at the target. I went there and killed everyone but I'm still being prompted to locate the target. There's no one else here. Is this a known bug or am I just missing something obvious?

    It's the last contract I have to do so I can get the Pistol Swords!
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    Please post bugs and issues in the Community Tech support forum - there is some information the team will require, such as console type format etc


    Please check the pinned thread and also post in there.

    There are some reports of contract issues, which I have reported, so this maybe connected - I suggest you make sure Support are aware of this particular issue here:

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    My bad. Thx for the info.
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