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    [SPOILERS] Confused about AC4 ending!

    So basically, I'm confused about the ending to Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. I understand Edward's ending and loved it, was really sweet, but the present day confused me. I get that was John that gave me the injection and I get he was working with the Assassin's, Shaun and Rebecca.

    So why did he look EXACTLY like the sage from Edward's time? And he was also on about Juno rebirthing him, this has all basically confused me. Also what did he even inject me with?
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    John was a sage. A sage is born with the memories of someone that lived before him/her. So basically they are "reborn". John and Roberts were both born with the same memories as someone that lived 80 thousand years ago. That someone was 'Aita', Juno's husband. Aita was one of the precursor race. Juno was able to reincarnate Aita using John (the sage) as a vessel. Aita, being Juno's husband, tried to manipulate you to become Juno's vessel once freeing her from the Abstergo server, but Juno was too weak to be able to transition (that's why "John" got pissed off if you remember).

    The part I'd like to know is if John was Aita, why was he helping the Assassins? i.e. why was he sending our hacked data to Shaun and Rebecca?
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    Bump. Anyone? Please? It's really bugging me and I can't play the game again until this is off my chest -.-
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    Despite using spoiler in the title, you may want to use spoiler tags as well. [ spoiler ] [/ spoiler ] minus the spaces.
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    There's one of three explanations:
    1.) Ever heard of the term throwback? John could be descended from Black Bart and is a throwback to him meaning the two could be mistaken for twins if they were next to each other. You see this with celebrities and their stunt doubles from time to time although they're often not related. Take a look back at family photographs or portraits. Go back far enough, you might find two relatives that look similar.
    2.) There's only really so many facial combinations. In 300 years, billions of people have been born. More people have lived and died than are currently living today. Do you really think every last person will be unique? There's bound to be those that look similar from time to time or even across time. At some point, either in the past, now, or in the future, you will have someone who could be your twin even if you aren't related.
    3.) Ubisoft was getting down to the wire and needed a model for John so opted to just reuse Black Bart's model rather than making a new one and to make it more obvious with the sage/Aita/Juno connection.

    There's also the fact that maybe John changed Black Bart's look to look like him rather than John looking like Black Bart. John was an IT and did work on the Animus. Although I doubt this one.

    There really isn't much to it.

    As to why Rebecca and Shaun worked with John, they did say they were recruiting anyone. So John possibly approached them. They were desperate due to the numbers they lost so took him in without really questioning it. There's not really much there, either. It was a moment of desperation. Technically, the player gets recruited, too. John could've just given them information to ensure they didn't start to question his loyalty to their cause. It was a cover for him no different from John using the player to cover his own tracks.
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