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    Mute rocksmith lead guitar

    Im playing rocksmith 2014 remastered edition now for a while on macOS Sierra.
    It runs more or less fine and Im progressing. I always played lead guitar up to now.

    But the volume of my guitar is in my point of view always too quietly compared to the demo lead guitar of rocksmith. I found some hints about that and could fix it a little bit changing the volume for the rocksmith guitar cabel in the system panel of macOs.
    The best would be in my point of view to mute (or switch off) the whole lead guitar of the rocksmith game, so that I can only hear myself (my guitar as lead).
    There is something like a mixing console in the rocksmith menu where I can change the volume of the game music, guitar 1, guitar 2 and so on. I tried different settings but I newer get something like: vocals, drums, my guitar (as lead) without the perfectly played rocksmith lead guitar.
    I think this should be one of the major features of the game (play the desired guitar parts with his own guitar all alone) or am I wrong?

    Thanks for your help...
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    Can't be done, and the game does not use audio stems, or independent audio tracks.

    It has to do with licensing, so it is not something that can be added to the game.
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