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    *SPOILER* How to Unlock Rewards (Normal/Uplay) and Full List of Rewards

    There are multiple types of unlockable items available in Rocksmith 2014. Instead of being tied to specific goals, they all come in a common ordered list this time. From my experience completing missions, guitarcade challenges, rocksmith reccomends items, and new score attack medals all contribute towards getting unlocks. I got a majority of these unlocks simply by running through lead and rhythm on medium in score attack. This seems to be designed to hinge a little less on skill, so everyone should be able to eventually unlock everything.

    Inlay: Rocksmith
    Skin: BTQ-30
    Venue Size: Level 1
    Skin: AT-810BC
    Inlay: Split Parallelogram
    Skin: LW-25B
    Skin: CS-410BC
    Inlay: Trapezoid
    Skin: Cali-38
    Venue Size: Level 2
    Skin: AT-112.1C
    Gear: Vintage HiFi
    Skin: AT-120
    Inlay: Small Block
    Skin: HG-212C
    Venue Size: Level 3
    Skin: CL-SS 90
    Inlay: Crown
    Skin: Orange Rockerverb 50 MkII
    Skin: HG-215C
    Inlay: Block & Triangle
    Song: Playground Kings - Self Trap
    Skin: HG-100
    Gear: Epiphone Electar Century
    Skin: HG-212C
    Skin: CL-SS 120
    Venue Size: Level 4
    Skin: Marshall Plexi
    Skin: CSS-212C
    Inlay: By the Nymbers
    Skin: EN-30
    Song: Versus Them - Impossible Dreams
    Skin: CSS-1120C
    Inlay: Parallelogram
    Venue Size: Level 5
    Skin: CSS-1515C
    Gear: Marshall JTM45
    Skin: Orange PPC412
    Inlay: Block
    Skin: HG-180
    Inlay: Prophecy
    Skin: CA-1510BC
    Venue Size: Level 6
    Skin: CSS-240B
    Gear: PS-115.2C
    Skin: GB-415BC
    Inlay: Red Storm
    Skin: Marshall 1960a
    Skin: BT!-45
    Song: Disonaur - Sea to Swallow
    Skin: AT-1150BC
    Gear: Orange 'Jimmy Bean' Amp
    Inlay: Stars
    Skin: BH-975B
    Venue Size: Level 7
    Skin: TW-215BC
    Skin: AAMTW-26
    Inlay: Artisan
    Skin: Orange AD50
    Skin: CH-410BC
    Venue Size: Level 8
    Skin: HW-300B
    Gear: Gibson GA-79
    Inlay: Iron Cross
    Skin: CH-21BC
    Song: Matt Montgomery, Brian McCune and Brendan West - On Top of the World
    Skin: Marshall JVM410H
    Skin: EN-50
    Inlay: Numerals
    Skin: CH-3120BC
    Venue Size: Level 9
    Skin: BH-600B
    Gear: PS-600
    Skin: Orange OBC115
    Inlay: Skull
    Skin: BH-410BC
    Song: Crimson - Don't Stop
    Skin: AT-20
    Gear: Console Radio
    Skin: BH-115BC
    Inlay: Hearts
    Skin: Marshall 1960 TV
    Skin: GBC-50
    Venue Size: Level 10
    Skin: BH-212BC
    Inlay: Raving Rabbids
    Skin: AMTW-22
    Gear: Orange 'Jimmy Bean' Cab
    Skin: CS-15BC
    Inlay: Diamonds
    Skins: BH-880B
    Gear: Audiophile Speakers
    Skin: Orange OR50H
    Venue Size: Level 11
    Skin: CS-112BC
    Skin: GBC-1H
    Inlay: Scythe
    Skin: GB-412 MKII
    Song: Sabaka - Monochromic
    Skin: CSS-300B
    Inlay: Celtic Cross
    Skin: Marshall JCM800
    Skin: GB-412 MKII
    Venue Size: Level 12
    Skin: AMTW-40
    Inlay: Epiphone Oval
    Skin: Orange PPC212OB
    Gear: Boom Box
    Skin: GB-412 MKI
    Skin: CLH-350B
    Inlay: Clubs
    Skin: EN-212C
    Venue Size: Level 13
    Skin: Cali-85
    Skin: Marshall 1960 AX
    Inlay: Put a Bird on It
    Skin: EN-4120C
    Song: Bedowyn - Snarling of Beasts
    Skin: HW100B
    Skin: TW-112C
    Gear: Jukebox
    Skin: Orange AD200B
    Inlay: Spades
    Skin: BTQ-15
    Venue Size: Level 14
    Skin: TW-110C
    Inlay: Prince of Persia
    Skin: CLH-300B
    Skin: Marshall 1936
    Skin: TW-410C
    Inlay: Citation
    Skin: HW-400B
    Song: Hail the Sun - Eight Ball, Coroner's Pocket
    Skin: AT-0112C
    Inlay: Full Deck
    Skin: GBC-38
    Venue Size: Level 15
    Skin: CA-112C
    Gear: Gramophone
    Skin: CLH-600B
    Inlay: Just Dance
    Skin: Orange OR100
    Skin: CA-412C
    Skin: Cali-100
    Inlay: Skullboy
    Skin: CA-215C
    Skin: Orange OBC810
    Inlay: Ultima
    Skin: CSS-75B
    Gear: PA-999C
    Venue Size: Max!
    Skin: BT-112.1C
    Inlay: Broken Hearted
    Skin: CL-SS 100
    Song: Ubisoft - Rocksmith 2012 Theme
    Inlay: Celestial
    Skin: BT-1120C
    Skin: HG-500
    Inlay: The Gentleman
    Skin: BT-410C
    Inlay: Dragon
    Song: Aching Head - Self-Destruct

    In addition to this list, the following items are unlockable from UPlay

    10 Points - Rocksmith 2014 Desktop/Theme
    20 Points - Karawan - Desolate Motion
    30 Points - Ubisoft Inlay
    40 Points - Single Player Bonus Arrangements (This unlocks all bonus arrangements, not 40 points per chart)

    You can gain Uplay Points through the following actions in game. This means even without any other games, you can earn enough points in game to unlock all rewards.

    10 Points - Complete 1 Mission
    20 Points - Complete 100 Missions
    30 Points - Achieve 100% Mastery on any song.
    40 Points - Play Learn a Song mode for 24 Hours

    The arrangements unlocked through Uplay are as follows:

    Paint It, Black - Bonus Lead, Alternate Rhythm
    Knights of Cydonia - Bonus Lead
    Peace of Mind - Bonus Lead, Bonus Rhythm
    Wires - Alternate Lead
    Paranoid Android - Bonus Lead
    Round and Round - Bonus Lead
    Sixteen Saltines - Alternate Lead
    Bat Country - Alternate Lead
    Chompers - Alternate Lead
    Snarling of Beasts - Alternate Rhythm
    You Really Got Me - Alternate Rhythm
    For a Fool - Alternate Rhythm
    The Spirit of Radio - Bonus Bass
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    Vector_Shift's Avatar Senior Member
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    Austin, TX, US of A
    Wow, thanks for the thorough list! I get the feeling you like being thorough.
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    Black_Widow9's Avatar Community Representative
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    Fantastic List. Thank you! I'm going to add Spoilers to the Title.
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    Originally Posted by Vector_Shift Go to original post
    Wow, thanks for the thorough list! I get the feeling you like being thorough.
    So thorough that I just fixed the fact that I missed Snarling of Beasts having an Alternate Rhythm chart. Fixed the post now.
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    C.Linton's Avatar Senior Member
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    Glad to see the RS2012 theme as one of the songs. I always thought that would be a cool tune to learn.
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    @SH-elx. Thank you very much for the list. Knowing about the bonus songs and arrangements is motivation enough for me!
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    LvlNinety9's Avatar Senior Member
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    Awesome list. Glad to see the Rocksmith intro theme there. Been wanting that for a while.
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    I want to throw a disclaimer out there. Please don't turn away from Self-Destruct based on the first 30 seconds. It jumps around a lot in styles, and its a fun chart overall. The intro may be a turn off to some people though. Also, for the returning artists in the list, you are in for some surprises compared to their past songs. Impossible Dreams is far more complex than the other songs we've seen from VsThem. The Disonaur track actually has vocals, and On Top of the World is simply an awesome experience, not anywhere near the difficulty of Ricochet.
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    Brick235's Avatar Senior Member
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    Nice job on this Elx. Looking forward to playing these bonus tracks.
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    Thanks for taking the time to put this together! Much appreciated.
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