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    Ty Zerg, you beat me in making that post here

    Hopefully Kimmundi will keep his promise and give me that alt art Cassy, which he promised to every person that reaches 1700 with her.
    Ok, maybe he didn't promise that...but wouldn't it be nice ?
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    Well done - not only reaching 1700, but also creating this deck. I always felt Cass had become somewhat slow because of the Treasurer nerf. Raising Might to 4 to get the resource advantage meant that raising Fortune took a turn more and you couldn't use Rivers and Campfires to play Treasuerer + X. It was always Treasurer or other creatures. Just too slow. It just didn't feel like Cass before the nerf anymore. Your version with just not using Treasurers is something I never tried as I thought Collectors are just too weak to survive long. But now I just gave it a shot with your deck to see for myself. And I was so wrong. If the opponent is even capable of killing the Collectors, they also have to use resources in order to do so and thus slowing themselves down. But often they really survive. Later on you do not need them anymore. They are great food for Revised Tactics later on and you still have Campfires and a full set of Rivers. This turned out to be definately enough resource boost and with your deck Cass just feels nice and quick again as before the nerf. Did 8:2 in JP today (only playing a few games today). Lost twice against Hakeem Mill, unfortunately. Not the best draws in those games. Still have to analyze those games, though, to see where I made mistakes and what I might do better against them.
    But all in all - just from the look and feel while playing - this is the nicest Cass version I've been playing since the Treasurer nerf.So, thanks for creating the deck and thanks to Zerg for sharing it with all of us.
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    Very good ! But it must be hard vs Lurkers and Mother !
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    Hakeem is tough to deal with because of 3 cost stalls (Shield, Altar). He usually has 8 of them in the deck, so any Pillage cast ofter turn 5 will just get annulled by one of those two cards.
    It's best to keep your pillage after turn 5, and try to double cast them if you can, or cast Pillage and then Cosmic in hope of unlucky draw for him.

    Lurkers are always a pain for Cassandra, but aside from few random ones in Gate decks, there are not enough of them to justify the inclusion of LS in this deck. People just don't play creature Dhamiria anymore, don't know why, but they don't
    1/6/1(2) Mother is a nightmare. Light Elementals and her ability are just perfect against Cass. You need to have nice starting hand with lots of creatures and one or two resource accel to have any chance of wining against her. Luckily not many people play her either
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    Yeah, cheap stall cards, after stalling comes a throne. Then board wipes. And hardly anything we can do against it. No easy match-up.^^ After watching my replays I also came to the conclusion not to play single Pillage in middle/late game as Hakeem always seems to have an answer to it - like Pillage him down to 4 resources => Campfire -> Throne . Should try to keep them till I can double pillage him to make Pillage get effective in middle/late game.
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    New expansion changes

    Tithe Collector
    Req. 1/0/0
    Now Req. 0/0/1
    Doesn't effect us at all

    Griffin Battle Priest
    Req. 2/3/0
    Now Req. 2/2/0
    I still wouldn't play him

    Req. 6/3/0
    Now Req. 4/4/0
    this is huge always expect bashee when Necro goes to 4/4 with 6 resources - think about timing your Pillages

    Ability cost 0
    Now ability cost 1
    It has nerfed Ishuma considerably but she has access to this ridiculous opening: Sayama Stalker -> Coral Ohyaku. Bridges will be even better in this matchup

    Ability cost 0
    Now ability cost 1 and can only target creature with enrage ability.

    Blackskull vulture rider
    Cost 4
    Now cost 5
    I guess Spellthor wont be that strong. FF -> Vultures still wins the game though.

    Pao Deathseeker
    COST 3
    1 Pao is still ok

    Fixed a bug in which being under the effect of 'Prison' prevented your Resources' production to increase. 'Prison' still prevent you to produce resources, but now you increase your resources production like you should.
    Hasn't it always been like that? So after 1,5 year they decided it's a bug? Anyway a nerf to Prison.

    New cards
    tbh i wouldn't include anything to the deck. But let's go over more interesting ones:

    - Wolf Trainer - you may add 2 to have better resource curve but melee one-drops aren't that good. They should be Melee Shooters.
    - Healing Sister - maybe in some building theme deck but not in Cassandra
    - Falcon Marksman - it's not bad but i wouldn't include any building in Cassandra
    - Angel of Salvation - stats are too high
    - New Anael - fatties wont be playable in Banshee infested meta and req are too high

    - Avenge the Fallen - it's not that bad but the problem is that you still cannot use it against Lurkers
    - Conflicting Orders - sth like a Pillage replacement but i believe Pillage is just batter and works on all kind of decks while conflicting Orders works only on creature heavy decks

    - Emperor's Walls - it's rly powerful but in Cassandra there is no place for defensive non-creature cards

    State of Haven in BS2
    feels UP - i can't figure out any viable (= strong) decks

    Example of Cassa deck in Standard:

    I saw a similar deck when playing vs CLC - he came up with this idea

    1x The Great Hunt
    1x Day of Fortune
    4x Week of the Weaponsmiths
    1x Week of the Elder Races
    1x Cosmic Balance

    4x Loyal Griffin
    2x Sun Rider
    4x Tithe Collector
    4x Griffin Marksman
    3x Angel of Mercy
    4x Crusader Watchman
    4x Crusader Treasurer
    3x Scattershot Marksman
    2x Crusader Chaplain
    1x Anael, Angel of Redemption
    4x Crusader Vanguard


    1x Avenge the Fallen
    4x Conflicting Orders
    1x Cassandra's Imperial Devotion
    1x Revised Tactics
    3x Broken Bridge
    4x Campfire
    1x Altar of Asha
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    I updated the first post a little bit

    added new decks:
    - ZergRusher
    - jkk
    notice that both of us decided to reduce the no. of Praetorians

    It is hard for me to pinpoint how exactly the open meta will look like but recently i've been facing a lot of Gazals and Ignatiuses. Both matchups are rather favorable (esp. vs Ignatius but they started adding more Maws of Chaos and with the new card Ur-Jubaal's Call it is no longer so easy as it used to be).

    I rarely see creature aggro decks - if this trend continues than it will be safe to play with Mercs (instead of WoT or even as additional events). Since necro and Gazal might become more popular it might be wise to add Rise of the Nethermancers although i'd rather play with 1 Chaplain.

    updated the Mana vs Paths table
    Spoiler:  Show
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    I also did not include any new cards. Played almost LQDBrunt's version, but included Mana Storms again instead of PotA (which saved me the game against ratracer's Hakeem Mill). 10-1 and 8th place in last JP. Finally got the 10-0 streak achievement.
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    Change in the Altar of Asha mechanism

    Right now the creature you are sacrificing doesn't die when you sacrifice it but after you resurrect a creature. In practice you cannot put a resurrected creature into the sacrificed creature location.
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    Yepp, one of several bugfixes that came with HoN and BS2. You can read the whole thing here: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...res-Patchnotes
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