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    First of all, thanks to ZR and everyone else for the best thread about any Hero in this game! More than a "take this fish" this is a "let us teach you how fishing is like!".

    I've played lots of different versions of Cassandra, and, actually, I've been playing a very odd build, that is working perfectly well for me (it even has a good matchup against Kelthor! 7-0 against it so far! I'm at 1450 ELO, and I played 1500+ and 1001 Kelthors, and won against them all). I lost only 2 matches with it, one against SandaLock (2-1 against it) (never managed to get a Wasteland, and bad timed my Prison) and against a jkk's Dhamiria (MoN and 3 Maniacs is just overkill, overall 4-1 against Dhammys). I didn't have time to give it a JP try yet, and I'm looking forward to try it tomorrow (since it's sunday).

    Here it is for you all to take a look: http://tools.mmdocking.com/decks/show/4443
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    Ninetales13, I was wondering why no Cosmics? How do you fuel your hand? Maybe you do not own those in your collection?

    Other than that, some "strange" choices in your deck are not that strange.

    In my mind - 4 Lightning Strikes are not necessary in the current meta and 4 Pillage + 2 Wastelands are a bit of an overkill.

    @Jkk I know the feel bro As you know I switch decks a lot, test a lot of other decks, but I always get back to one or another version of Cass. I think it will remain best deck until base set rotation ^^ I haven't watched your replays, but I intend to as soon as I get some time
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    Got some replays from today's JP, still on the road to T1 with it:

    @ Vamp: I used to play with Realignments, but I normally played it to get rid of an important unique enemy should be holding (FF mostly) or to get my hand refilled at latter stages of the game. I never felt good playing it anyway, I'm really possessive with my hand, even if I have to discard a single Loyal Griffin I'll feel it in the heart. So I removed them and put 2 copies of Angel of Mercy, while being generally weaker, fits my playstyle better, and, truly, sometimes a 6-HP flyer saves the day. About the Strikes, while not NEEDED, they're always handy, they basically are the cards making the matchup against Kelthor slight favorable for me, because I'm able to hold Altar of Asha to deal with Zefiria or use it as a cowcatcher for the final blow (sometimes getting Anael back is useful as well). The Lock package: 4 Pillages are a must for me. I don't like Wastelands, really. But they're my silver bullet against Sandal, and they can stop Kelthor's FF-into-Vulture(s) combo, giving me an edge there, and, because of that many Kelthors (and a little more Sandals as answer to that) I always want to draw a Wasteland before it's too late, so I put 2. Worth mention too, they are basically another Prison against Ishuma and Crag Hack (didn't see one in a while BTW). About the other cards I think are odd, basically no Revised Tactics (since I'm without Collectors, their main target for them, I don't see an urgent need for them), and lastly, Month of Dancing Flames. Since I'm with 4 Strikes, I shouldn't play Mana Storms, and Week of Mercenaries is a triple-edged blade in this deck, first, because I'm with 29 creatures (less than half the deck), and because it's easily accessible for the opponent. MotDF costs a lot more, basically making it only good for me (since I'll probably have a Treasurer out by the time it becomes useful). Doing the math, with a Treasurer, it's a backfire-proof Mercenaries (since it costs 5, Treasurer has Income 2, I'll only pay 3 of my "original resources" for it). That logic (if I can call it that) makes me always happy

    Edit: Just got 1500 with it. 8 win streak so far! And sorry guys to flood here, but I'm genuinely happy with the deck and its performance, you guys have to give it a try!



    Edit2: Thanks jkkk89 for the playtest matches! My version is definitely worse than yours in the mirror. I'll be looking forward to improve Cassandra as much as I can.

    Edit3: Got T1, finished the JP 12-2, losing to Gazal HotV and Sandal Lock.
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    Brief history of the fortune Cassandra rush

    some links might not work since mmdocking went down as of 28.10.2014

    Recently i’ve been called the “creator” of the Cassandra deck. I have no intention to belittle my own involvement in the creation of the deck but i wouldn't call anybody as the sole creator of the champion. Cassandra, in it’s current form is an outcome of a lot of testing by many top players that copied other players’ ideas and improved them. This short article aims to give you a short “modern” history of the fortune Cassandra deck (for the sake of this article I consider everything before Herald of the Void “Dark Ages”).

    In general Cassandra was rarely played before Forgotten Wars. In Herald of the Void era, Cassandra wasn't considered a T1 hero, overshadowed by immensely popular Sandalphon rush. LQDBrunt was one of the first prominent players who published his Cassandra pre-FW. You can see his deck here. Please notice that there aren't any Soothsayers (they came with FW), Wastelands costed 4 (now they cost 5) and there are only 3 Wolf Captains (without Altar of Wishes it was almost impossible to get full set of epics).

    Forgotten Wars introduced a lot of strong haven cards and Soothsayers that allow us to fetch for unique fortunes. Many players, among them myself, started testing Cassandra out. She wasn't popular but she was one of the only heroes that could face Ammar with his broken combo (at the beginning of FW Ammar could draw cards every time he cast a spell, now it’s only once per turn) and Cassa was (and still is) the main counter to Crag Hack - the two most popular heroes during the early FW era. In the mid-September LQDBrunt won MrH3 Invitational tournament playing Zardoc and Cassandra, on September 21, I started the Cassandra overview thread and on November 6, Dipl0mate published his first version of RushLock showing us how to properly play Cassandra and then he won 3 consecutive JPs (he started playing with Celebrations instead of Mana Storms, later he switched back). On November 7, Strength of the Sea was nerfed, weakening the main Haven hero of the time: Sandalphon. Those 4 events made almost everybody try Cassandra out and she became one of the most played deck during the second half of FW era. Slowly it became obvious that Cassandra was the strongest hero, especially because of her great matchup vs Crag Hack and decent vs Ishuma.

    New expansion,Five Towers brought a direct nerf to Cassandra. Now the Treasurers require 4 might instead of 3. After minor adjustment in gameplay Cassandra was still the top deck and her dominance peaked during the Millennium Cup tournament (December 15) that was "marred" by Cassandras mirrors. Cassandra was the most frequently chosen, and by far the most played hero during the tournament.

    After the tournament Kelthor rose to prominence overtaking Cassandra as the main tournament hero.

    Timeline created 2014-01-29 and probably won't be updated because changing and creating such timetables is very time-consuming.

    My (subjective) list of the most important Cassandra decks:
    - HotV LQDBrunt - one of the first Cassa decks published by a top player
    - FW ZergRusher - this thread was started with this deck
    - FW pwnpoints - very popular among novice players
    - FW LQDBrunt - 1st place in Mrh3[2] Invitational
    - FW Dipl0mate's RushLock v2 - i can't find the 1st version but i remember that it was with Celebrations instead of Mana Storms - this deck started RushLock, maybe the most important deck in Cassa's history
    - 5T Pascoalabear & ZergRusher - most important decks from Millennium Cup (both were developed during FW but were tested in a tournament (not JP) during 5T)

    Other important: Uraxor (pwnpoints was more popular and more frequently copied), Durendall100 (he's deck was sub-par but he won the Fall Open tournament, i can't find the deck but it looked somewhat like that).

    Five Towers variations before the unique recursion patch
    Spoiler:  Show

    1. RushLock (recommended version) - based on Forgotten Wars RushLock - a very powerful deck that aims to take control of the game with Pillages, Wastelands and the Prison while deploying it's own creatures thanks to income advantage. It is played with 4 Crusader Treasurers which are still good, even after the recent patch. Since Treasures now require 4 might (which delays Prison) they may be used against Lurkers so I recommend ditching those 2 Lightning Strikes (which would further delay destiny increases) that were previously a part of the deck. The deck can be played with or without Collectors (if without then 4 Rivers of Gems). The exact number of Pillages and Wastelands is hard to determine but since Treasurers now require 4 might you will reach 4 destiny one turn later so i don't recommend adding too many Wastelands - 1-2 seems to be enough. You may include Singularities (they strengthen the deck vs Mills and graveyard recursion and prevents you from milling yourself) On the downside the deck sometimes feels clumsy because of resource management when you don't have resource accelerating creatures in play or fortunes at hand (or if you have them but there's Week of Taxes) or even slow before getting the Treasurers in play.

      deck examples:

      current anti-Kelthor builds:
      - with collectors: ZergRusher
      - w/o Collectors: DDking

      - with Collectors: ZergRusher (i'm not sure about the Griffin Knight, you can switch the Griffin Knight with a Pao/Vanguard/Chaplain/Angel of Mercy/Wasteland), Bayda111, LQDBrunt, Gialota

      recursive versions are no longer possible (since 2014-03-04 uniques recursion patch)

      Spoiler:  Show

      - recursive: Pascoalabear (recommended, quite popular, w/o Collectors), jkkk89, ArchmageSUN (a little weird, 4 Wastelands), maly_drab

      - from mmdocking: vs Sandal, vs Ishuma, vs SandalLock
      - Cassandra streamers: pthreek (Pascoalabear), VampFury, gz_tv (YourEND767)

      further reading:
      - Dipl0mate on "dead" cards
      - video guide by Tyrion
    2. DownRush - a very simple and easy to learn deck that takes advantage of great haven creatures with low might requirement and resource acceleration to get board advantage and rush the opponent down. One of the fastest rushes in the game - you should defend only vs Crag Hack and you are his nemesis. The weak late-game is a trade-off for early-game control and pressure. Feel free to add a couple of Pillages to slow your opponent and protect yourself from his key cards. Those 2-3 Lightning Strikes may not be obligatory but you don't have any other good ways to deal with Lurkers. Angels of Mercy gives you extra push after mass cleanups or just bring an early Pao back.

      deck examples: ZergRusher, ZergRusher w/o Strikes , Bayda111

      replays: v Ishuma

      further reading:
      - i played a similar deck for a long time i added some useful information in the description, might be worth reading: Cassa with Rivers (old deck)
      - Short commentary by Maly_Drab taken from comments under LQDBrunt's old deck:
      Spoiler:  Show

      its super funny, and super fast (....)

      Its very effective at fast grinding as u will end many games at 6-7 turn.

      What are the cons:

      i experience very hard time vs zardocs with mass aoe ( this matchup will be even more painfull than using sandalphon, as, after losing board its rly hard to pull out some extra dmg ), same goes with kelthors ( especially when u start without a fast board preassure)

      With this deck actually u would like to start the game, with a collector in hand. With some slow start it is almost impossible to downrush your enemy, so this collector are the key of successing. Sandalphon got some more potential in dealing dmg to the hero, while the board is lost, here, if u couldnt get enough dmg at start, your chances of wining drops drasticaly.

      I think it has a good ratio now, as some people at jp, ladder are not sure what they r facing against. if someone is letting u exchange the dmg and try to rush u too, its almost a certain win, ( didnt experience struggle vs inferno decks exept dhamira ofc).

      Won many games only because my enemy position his creatures badly at round 1-3 and then, realizing the rush potential he was trying play defensively, but usually it was already too late.

    3. Other:
      - Dipl0mate's heavy recursive Cassa w/o Treasurers -> no longer possible

    During the Millennium Cup Cassandra was the most played hero. I strongly recommend checking the tournament out and watching replays. It was a really prestigious event and most pros participated: http://binarybeast.com/x1311191

    I compiled all the Cassandra decklists from Millenium Cup, you can download here: deklists

    Short presentation of Cassa decks:

    Spoiler:  Show
    Nilicomes played a lock version almost w/o creatures so there was no reason to include

    download xls file

    Forgotten Wars variations (moved from the 1st post because it lost it's relevance):
    Spoiler:  Show

    1. with Rivers of Gems - one of the fastest rushes in the game. With resource accelerating fortunes one aims to establish a crushing board advantage and rush the opponent down. The weak late-game is a trade-off for early-game control and pressure. This version of the deck is particularly good versus Crag Hack and many combo decks that need time to establish control but is vulnerable to enemy events (Week of Taxes, Blind Arbiters). This deck is very straightforward and easy to learn. After the patch of 2013-11-07 (Ammar nerf) this version feels a little outdated compared to other variations.

    - LQDBrunt (winner of Mrh3 invitational) vs Sandal (control), vs Akane (Academy) - more than one game,
    - from R2P World Championship: Smurfburn vs Ignatius - more than one game
    - since it's also my deck you can find replay packs in the description of the deck.
    - look for my replays from: mmdocking

    deck examples: ZergRusher (me), LQDBrunt, smurfburn.

    Further reading:
    - since it is also my version you can read a lot if you just follow the link to the deck
    - discussion under LQDBrunt's old Cassa deck

    2. with Crusader Treasurers (recommended version) - it's a slower version of Cassa that is stronger in the mid/late-game. Since Treasurers are unaffected by Week of Taxes, this deck is more reliable (is not that much effected by unlucky events). It employs Cosmic Singularities to give some recursive potential (like multiple Prisons). With Revised Tactics after every graveyard reshuffle your deck is stronger because you can get rid of unnecessary cards. Your late game is still rather weak compared to most other heroes. This variation is very popular right now (X.2013).

    - from a MrH3 Invitational tournament (Ammar was banned in the finals) vs Takana, MrH3 tournamet Cassa,vs Adar, vs Dhamiria,vs Kat, vs Zardoc
    - VampFury stream
    - look for my replays from: mmdocking
    - LQDBrunt's JP replay pack - 2013-11-09

    deck examples: LQDBrunt, ZergRusher (me) and newer version, DrHee, Karstou, mikikoi, pwnpoints (you have to read the description b/c he changed his deck), Enclase, VampFury, Durendal100

    further reading:
    - discussion under pwnpoints' Cassa deck

    3. with Pillage - normally 2,3,4 of them. It's more control oriented and with good hand it might be very powerful but it increases your card disadvantage versus your opponent that is already quite big because of Bridges and Rivers of Gems. Dipl0mate described his deck in following words:
    I almost never lose to necro (but I did at 310 telo yesterday vs a good adar malik) and I feel like other matchups are based on my opponent plays. If they have a really good start (double bug, sandal's quester + treasurer, no tutor forbidden flame, crag's double DA...) Im playing from behind and I dont like it, on the other hand I feel really stable and often play ahead (the deck is designed for this) and do well as long as I dont reveal non creature cards too often with week of the mercenaries or my opponents dont get one "week of taxes" for my turn 3, 4, 5 and 6 (I mean all of them, nothing annoys me more)... Maybe dhamiria is harder than other decks.

    - from R2P World Championship: Oyau vs Sandalphone
    - Enclase stream

    deck examples: Dipl0mate (rush oriented), IZosiek, LEOGZZ, Enclase, VampFury

    further reading:
    - Dipl0mate excellent post on his version of Cassa

    4. Dipl0mate's RushLocks: On 6.XI. Dipl0mate proposed a very control oriented deck that doesn't fit any kind of the previous categories. He called it RushLock and i guess it only natural that we should use his name. He won 3 JP one after another so I'm pretty sure that this deck deserve proper testing and Dipl0mate much kudos. The deck is new so it needs some adjusting. Might be hard to learn how to play effectively.

    - Dipl0mate JP 2013-11-08 (1st place)
    - Dipl0mate JP 2013-11-09 (1st place)

    deck examples: Dipl0mate's RushLock v2 (-1 Griffin, +1 Watchman), ZergRusher, Pascal

    further reading:
    - Dipl0mate on "dead" cards

    You can read more on the subject of the DoC meta history here: History of the MMDOC metagame

    Have i omitted sth from Cassandra's history?
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    @ZergRusher: What's your current opinion given the meta of the split in Cass between the DownRush version and the RushLock version? I think they actually play quite differently...
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    omg, i love reading the history of games (i can't even find a lore of might of magic that tell me who are these heroes), they are really interesting.
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    Link to LQDBrunt's deck doesn't work. Please fix it. And thank You and other players for big imput in this game and this awsome deck
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    Originally Posted by Eyrington Go to original post
    omg, i love reading the history of games (i can't even find a lore of might of magic that tell me who are these heroes), they are really interesting.
    you're completely right. For some reason it's actually hard to get to know the story of M&M unveiled in DoC. Dunno why (although i'm not really interested init from time to time it's nice to read sth interesting).

    Originally Posted by hectoring Go to original post
    @ZergRusher: What's your current opinion given the meta of the split in Cass between the DownRush version and the RushLock version? I think they actually play quite differently...
    I rarely play DownRush so it's hard for me to say sth constructive. In general DownRush is like Ishuma/Crag a very fast rush. It's definitely better than RushLock vs Crag (no awkward mana curve, no Singularities and it's faster) or Gazal (as always rushes are better vs Gazal, not a single unit is important so you aren't afraid of Puppets/Soulreavers like you are in case of Treasurers). Recent Pillage buff help it (Wastelands are too expensive without Treasurers).

    Originally Posted by xXxInsomniumxXx Go to original post
    Link to LQDBrunt's deck doesn't work. Please fix it. And thank You and other players for big imput in this game and this awsome deck
    tx, fixed

    On a rather sadder tone: i decided to close the initiative to write the Counter to Cassandra article. After almost 2 months most people didn't finish their parts so i will publish the finished parts here, in this thread and ask anybody to write something about how to counter Cassandra in specific matchups.
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    In the Cassandra overview thread it became clear that we need a guide on Cassandra’s counters. It’s time to write a comprehensive guide pointing out Cassandra’s weaknesses and counters in main matchups. We hope that the following material will prove helpful to all players struggling with the Seeker from Haven.


    As any other hero Cassandra has her own cons. It is important especially for newer players to get to know them to understand the matchups. Let me list main disadvantages of the hero:
    • Susceptibility to events. Week of Taxes is especially damaging because of high number of resource generating cards. If you compare Mana Storm - it increases the price of a given spell but not it’s effectiveness. River of Gems casted during the Week of Taxes, “produces” only 1 (it cost 4 and gives 5 resources) resource instead of the standard 2 and Campfire just give you another card without improving your resource situation. As you can see even one Week of Taxes renders 4-8 cards (depending on version) almost useless. Another event that hampers Cassandra is Blind Arbiters. In most of the cases, your opponent wants to play multiple cards on turn 3 (when he gets 3 Destiny after getting 3 might) and after casting Devotion. One blind arbiter is enough to prevent him and lose tempo which is crucial for Cassandra. Those 2 events slow the deck down and trust me - you can beat slow Cassandra.
    • Reliance on Crusader Treasurers (at least in the current versions) - the principle of today’s Cassandras is not only establishing board control and rushing you down but also locking you with cards like Pillages, Wastelands and the Prison. In order to deploy creatures and expensive locking cards your opponent needs a steady income advantage. He can’t get it from fortune cards every turn, he needs Crusader Treasurer and/or Tithe Collectors present on the board. It is devastating to lose the first Treasurer or get it moved back to hand (by Broken Bridge or Town Portal). In every duel you play vs Cassandra try to think how to kill-off Collectors and Treasurers if not this turn, then another, especially early in the game.
    • Mass Removals and Area of effect (AoE) spells - spells that clear the board are a straight counter to Cassandra - she needs board presence. If you have Forbidden Flame at hand be very watchful of enemy Realignment - try to deduct if she has it. Sequence of fortunes: Bridge, Campfire, Pillage, River of Gems, Altar of Asha, Realignment, Devotion, Wasteland and Prison. Check how many cards is there on the right after casting 3 resource fortune. If there isn’t any you don’t have to worry. Same if there is only one after using a Soothsayer. If you suspect Realignment, wait with putting Peddler until you want to actually use FF - don’t show your ace card to your opponent. If you have Doombringer and there’s no Week of the Dead, think if your opponent can have Bridge with Realignment. Insect Swarms and Earthquakes are always good. Wolf Captains forces Cassandra’s units to clamp together which makes them a perfect target to AoE spells such as Geysers and Fireballs. If your hero has fire or water magic school make sure to utilise these powerful spells.
    • Low number of targeted removals - currently Cassandra plays without any Lightning Strikes so the only removal is the Altar of Asha and Paos but most Cassandra decks employ only a few Paos (one Pao is the most common number). Sometimes it gets hard to kill-off key units. It is especially visible if you play Dhamiria with many Lurkers in the Dark who have fear 3 and block almost every creature she commands. Other problematic creatures: Shinje Warrior - no creature has 4 attack to sacrifice it (but Wolf Captain with 3 units around will have 4 attack), most uniques (but they can be killed by the Altar and they are problematic not only for Cassandra), Haven guards: Holy Praetorian and Griffin Knight. I lost quite a few games because i just couldn't kill off Raya or Hasafah.
    • Rather weak late game - Cassandra in general has no real advantage in the late game (no epic spells like: Might of Nature or Light of Tomorrow, no direct graveyard recursion like Adar or Akane). That’s why Adar control is better than rush versus Cassandra. It’s perfectly ok for you to try to prolong the matchup if you can because over the time most decks has strong answers to rather weak but rushy Cassandra’s creatures.


    Ishuma vs Cassandra
    Spoiler:  Show

    deck examples: http://tools.mmdocking.com/replays/show/1685 , http://tools.mmdocking.com/replays/show/1896

    In general Cassa is favoured but the matchup is much closer than some people might think.

    Put DAs/Sharkies on the edges to force blockers on the top/bottom line (Cassa wants to secure middle rows for Wolf Captains).

    Ambush creatures (especially Sayama Stalker) should be put in the middle so your opponent cannot secure them for their Wolf Captains. It goes without saying that if there is a Wolf Captain on board you should deploy you creatures around not to allow Cassandra to push the Captain’s stats.

    You will rarely be able to downrush. Always priorities trading. Mid-game Devotion will kill you if you decide to downrush. Usually you should fight for board advantage sacrificing life in the early game.

    A few random tips:
    - Singers don’t bring the resources back when they bounce back Pillage. If a Singer is the only card you can play under Pillage you’re forced to bounce back the Pillage to Cassandra’s hand. It’s a very clumsy interaction that i hope they will change it in the next expansion.
    - Venerable Kappas have fortune ward so they won’t be brought to your hand with a Bridge. They are a perfect melee to put in front of more expensive shooter to prevent creating a “value bridge”.
    - Raya is as always super good. However i rarely can find 2 spare resources to cast the Bard. Quite often after the Bard Cassandra will cast Realignment so i’m not sure if Bard creates enough value to be included in the deck (it might be a win-more card).
    - Champions are particularly useful after Cassandras big turn. Try to anticipate it (at 4 destiny Cassandra wants to cast Devotion to get board control/advantage) and have it on the board after Cassandra get the advantage or just before her big turn. Champions are great vs Cassandra because they often will be 3/3/6 for 3 resources.
    - Tower of the Gardener - maybe a win-more card but ridiculously strong in this matchup. So many enemy creatures have 5 life which which is exactly 2 dmg from a shooter and 3 from the poison. OM into a line with the Tower will win you the game in a couple of turns.
    - don't worry about card disadvantage. Cassandra runs out of cards quite early and will try cast Realignment to fill up the hand again.
    - Try to anticipate Pillage. Turn 5 is the favorite spot for Cassa to Pillage and get your resources down to 2. Think ahead - sometimes it's better to cast V-Kappa on turn 4 instead of two 2-drops to be able to cast something under Pillage.
    - As always try to get rid of resource gathering creatures as soon as possible.

    Good cards in the matchup: Champions, Warriors, Gold Piles, Raya, ambush and outmaneuver, Tower of the Gardener, Okane

    Bad cards: Singers, Spies, Wanizame

    some replays:
    - sometimes Ishuma can outrush Cassandra. It should rarely happen but an example: http://tools.mmdocking.com/replays/show/1896.
    - http://tools.mmdocking.com/replays/show/4263
    - http://tools.mmdocking.com/replays/show/4274

    From Gialota’s guide:
    Cassandra- Normal. Given Cassandra doesn’t have a hand for 10+ resources on turn 3, it is manageable. The key strategies are: put big hypnotize creatures in the same line as opponents 2, for preventing value bridges and heavy mulligans for early ambushes. These ambushes are best put in the neighboring to wolf captain lanes, as they basically block Wolf captain from getting more strength, unless your opponent is willing to pay 2 extra health on its minions for that luxury.

    Sandalphon aggro vs Cassandra
    Spoiler:  Show

    written by VampFury & ZergRusher

    deck example: ZergRusher

    I believe the matchup favors Sandalphon. The creature base is more or less the same but Taxes, Geysers and extremely powerful in this matchup uniques (including Wombo-Combo) will often turn the tide. Wolf Captains force players to clamp their units together (which is good for both Geysers and Bridges). Thing is that once you get Strength of the Sea down, you don't have to fear as you render all Bridges and the Altar of Asha useless against your creatures while your spells are still effective.

    Putting creature behind Wolf Captain. If you put creature behind your WC, that row will be target for Bridge. But you should not avoid putting creature behind your WC at all cost. If Cassandra has no Bridge at that point, you are making her defend that row very hard. Same goes for Cassandra players and playing against Geysers. You should avoid it if possible, but not at all cost!

    - Cassandra will aim to use Realignment to discard your uniques. Think twice if you wanna deploy Magic Peddler but not cast your unique.
    - If you feel you should use the hero ability - use it. Don't be afraid of card disadvantage. Cassandra runs out of card quite fast too and will use Realignments to refill her hand. Your are also one of the few heroes that can deploy a creature under Prison.
    - As always try to get rid of creatures with income as soon as possible although if you see you're gonna cast a Geyser that will kill a Tithe Collector in a turn then killing this Collector is not a priority.
    - it's a good idea to put down the Ice Splinters even if you don't have the Song of the Lost. Your opponent may cast Realignment and give you the unique you need. Mind games are always fun

    Even though Sandalphon is a rush deck I feel that it has better late game potential than Cassandra in this match up. When he sets up SotS it's hard for Cassandra. So don't play hasty and watch out for Devotion play. Don't just count on life you are trading now, count on life gain from Devotion also!

    Replays: Elkanic vs Trupiciel, Sandal vs Cassandra - from M-Cup: http://tools.mmdocking.com/replays/show/1275 , http://tools.mmdocking.com/replays/show/2127

    Kelthor vs Cassandra - outdated
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCxj79lHhPQ - hectoring's guide

    Specific matchups will follow over time but later rather than sooner. But you're are free to post your tips on how to counter Cassa in specific matchups
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    i can see your guide is not finished yet, what you think about [Okane no Okane] in cassandra match up? i know it's a useless card in other match up, but if someone has played [Okane no Okane] in millenium cup, like gold pile ishuma with revised tactics, it can be a monster card.

    most ishuma play without bard, cause he doesn't really rely on his unique and bard slows him a lot.
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