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    you can, make Realignment a priority though. But don't add any Singularities - with only one Realignment it's a dead card.
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    If you have all other cards I believe you can try with only one Cosmic... Cosmic is more important than Revised Tactics. I would probably add Stone of Enlightenment until I would get 2nd Cosmic...
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    What do you think of something like this?


    When i come home I'll try it.
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    THat deck looks fine to me, although 3 pillage and 2 wasteland seems pretty hardcore for delay. What is going to happen is that your turn 3-4 acceleration with river of gems and campfire is going to fizzle often because you are very light on creatures, but if that is fine with you then it should work.
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    As enclessRamble stated two wastelands might be too much. Other than that - deck looks solid.
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    Since the 1st post exceeded 50k characters and i cannot add anything new i'll paste it here:

    Cassandra vs Kelthor - outdated
    Spoiler:  Show

    First thing you should do is to identify the variation of Kelthor you are playing. Spellthors are much more popular and run Week of Taxes, while old-school Kelthors have Week of the Dead (and Dreamwalkers with Warchanters). I’ll focus on Spellthors because I believe they are stronger and more ubiquitous in the current meta.
    The matchup is quite even, maybe Cassandra has a slight edge (depending on build, right now I.2014, Kelthors need to dilute their decks with anti-stall features like Blackskull Crushers that aren't that strong vs Cassa, on the other hand more and more Kelthors include 2 Blind Arbiters which turns the matchup in their favour). Kelthor is a fire user and plays with Week of Taxes so he has ways of slowing you down and clearing the board.

    Early game. Kelthor is a very quick hero and Goblin Scouts put a lot of pressure when you consider their cost. Try to establish your board position and get the Treasurer on turn 4. Put him in a safe spot (just assume that your opponent has a Lightning Strike) even at the cost of Hero’s HP. If Kelthor has an explosive start and you feel like you’re gonna get rushed you can put a Watchman in front of a Goblin Scout especially if there wasn't many Weeks of Trainings before. Try to use your resource advantage to kill the Goblin with a damaged Watchman under the Week of Training.

    Mid Game – FF into Vultures combo. The scariest weapon in his disposal is the Forbidden Flames and Vultures combo. This is the reason why you should be very wary when Kelthor is on 4 might and 2 magic. Be observant, if his cards move when a creature dies it means he has a Vulture. Your opponent aims to cast Forbidden Flame to clear the board and then put his 3/3/6 flyers for 0. Stopping this should be your priority so try to cast Realignment to discard Forbidden Flame or force him to cast FF early by deploying creatures. You may also try to lock them under 4 resources with Pillage until Prison to deal maximum damage or even kill your opponent. You can also include a Griffin Knight to your deck to nullify his board advantage after the FF. If you suspect the FF, try to deal damage to his 7 life creatures. At 3 magic FF deals 6 dmg so his 7 HPs Oliphants and Tainted Orcs will survive.

    Late game gets tricky. Count the number of Fireballs he casts. Also Kelthor thanks to the Song of the Lost and War Tents can deal a lot of damage in one turn. Just bear this in mind. Kelthors commands lots of expensive creatures so look for value bridge opportunities. At this point of the game Brutes are becoming key units. Try to kill them off or bridge them.

    you can also watch hectoring's guide - the second part is about Cassa vs Kelthor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCxj79lHhPQ

    Replays: Finals of Millenium Cup: game 1, 2, 3, 4.

    Cassandra vs Ishuma
    Spoiler:  Show

    First thing you should get to know whether it is non-magic or magic Ishuma. You should be able to guess from events. With non-magic version there will be lot's of Mana Storms with magic you should see Week of Taxes (although there are Ishumas with Taxes and Storms but without Week of the Mercenaries). I'll focus on non-magic version because is more popular.

    It's a battle of the board control. Both Cassa and Ishuma relies on board control to win over their opponents. A lesser Ishuma player will try to rush you but a good one won't. Instead he will use his outmanouevre to kill your creatures. That's why you should as fast as possible put your units on most rows and not allow him to get a strong row that will one shot your creature after outmanouevre. Good thing for Cassa is that you can use Devotion to regain board control and swing the tide. Once Ishuma lose the fields there's no coming back for her because creatures are rather weak in health. Good news are that Ishuma has no way to kill off your unique creature: Anael but you can use Strikes or Altar to kill off Raya, which could give you a huge advantage in prolonged game (remember to protect Anael, don't put her in the front line and have a good unit in front of her).

    Good starting hands will include: some mana acceleration and Wolf Captain(s) (standard), Bridge, Devotion. Prison, Realignment, Paos and multiple Collectors or Strikes are not particularly useful.

    Last but not least: don't be this kind of guy who tries to give the finishing blow to ambush creatures by using Paos (what happened to the World Champion doesn't have to happen to you).

    Dipl0mate (he plays the Pillage version) has also written about the matchup:

    Ishuma can be a tricky matchup but I feel its not that hard. The point is to care about the board control with the ambush and strategic maneuvering. If I have the quester I should not always play him if he may die early to out maneuvering unless I can play some radiant glory/wc in front of the ambush guy to protect him but it is often bad play to go directly on the ambush lane. Im used to avoid fight playing my high hp creatures (>4) on empty lanes rushing her while she is rushing me. The devotion cassandra is the spoiler I use to take board control with a generally big turn 6-7 (even bigger or sooner if I have the income 2 big guy) which end with a nice pillage letting 3 mana to my opponent to deal with my board. Ofc matches are not all the same (sometimes Ishuma play more creatures, sometimes more geysers but she generally cant do both early and since I avoid fight, one geyser is not enough to clean) but this is typically the pattern im trying to fit. The fight is harder if I cant make any income advantage (or if she goes with 3 sayama archers early).

    Cassandra vs Dhamiria fatties
    Spoiler:  Show

    Late game Dhamiria (jkk's Dham) is not loger so good since the uniques patch of march 2014. The version that plays with Lurkers used to be the main counter to Cassandra, especially the variations with Taxes give you no chance. The late game Dhamiria has much stronger late game and she's stronger vs Adar Malik but not that powerful vs Cassandra because of lack of Lurkers and Taxes. You can easily identify the version of Dhamiria by looking at the events: if there's a Night of the Rising Moon then it's the late game version.

    When playing vs Dhamiria try not to overcommit. The late-game Dhamiria runs 4 Peddlers (standard 2-3) so at 6 resources she will try to play Peddler into FF, but normally she will cast a Magic Peddler earlier even at turn 2. Depending on the situation force her to use it or try to use Pilage to prolong it or Realignment to discard.Old version plays without Singularities so once you discard it you don't have to fear FF again. Another threat comes at 5 might - the Doombringer. Normally she will put him with Week of the Dead but sometimes you can get lucky and use Broken Bridge on to bounce him back to her hand and then use Cosmic Realignment to discard it.

    Random tips:
    - try to deal dmg, don't be afraid of losing some life.
    - Use your Paos early - Dhamiria will eventually put Earth Grasp.
    - Dhamiria employs a lot of cards that prevents you from drawing a card: Void Arbiters, Garden of Ecstasy and the unique tower: the Tower of the Smith. don't be the one who draws a card when those cards are on the table. You can Bridge or kill the Void Arbiter or the creature on the Tower but there is nothing you can do about the Garden. To be honest, if Dhamiria can afford to put the Garden she's in commanding position.
    - dont stack Wolf Captain and Griffins in the same row. Bloater deal 4 dmg so they will significantly weaken Wolf Captain and kill the Griffin. Also remember that Insect Swarm plus Earth Quake deal 5 dmg to every non-flyer. Try to deploy creatures in such a manner that IS + EQ don't kill your entire board.

    you can also read this article: http://mmdocking.com/words-of-enligh...t-2nd-edition/

    Cassandra vs Adar-Malik WiP
    Spoiler:  Show

    This matchup is not easy and as time goes by it's getting harder.

    Playing around FF.

    Cassandra vs SandalLock
    Spoiler:  Show

    The matchups is favorable for Cassandra.

    SandalLock needs a creature in the graveyard when hitting 5 fortune. I don't know what is the correct play myself but usually i tend not to kill the first Soothsayer (unless i see an option to kill him before he can lock me) not to let him lock me at 5 destiny. Later there's no point in keeping the his creature alive because he can just discard a creature.

    Try to mulligan into a hand with a Realignment, Prison, Soothsayer or Wasteland (always choose fortune with a Wasteland). Use Realignment every time his hand is getting big. SandalLock needs a lot of cards to keep his lock on.

    Since SandalLock will use Cosmic Singularities quite a lot, use Revised Tactics to shorten your deck. Revised creatures, leave Rivers of Gem.

    Cassandravs Rage Decks - Alia, Dhamiria WiP
    Spoiler:  Show

    Both decks are similar so i will describe them in a one go

    The matchup used to be easy but after the uniques recursion patch (II.2014) i find it troublesome.

    Remember! Creatures are attacking in a sequence they were deployed - use this information to your advantage.

    Cassandra vs Gazal (HotV) WiP
    Spoiler:  Show

    It's not an easy matchup but i believe that Cassandra is favored.

    • Put you Tithe Collector in front of your flyer - this way if he blocks with Rakshasa Skirmisher you can attack with Tithe to activate his evade and attack with Glory of Griffin
    • Save your Pilages until she can get 6 magic with 6 resources next turn - this is when the scary part begins. You should chain cast Pillages when she get to 6 resources 6 magic. Pillage, Pillage, Prison wins the game most of the time.
    • Once you leave Gazal with 6 magic and 6 resources think what will happen if she casts Curse of the Netherworld - make sure to limit you exposure (for example by deploying Griffins instead of Watchman etc).
    • Moonsilk Strand can be very damaging. If you have a Bridge quite often it is worth to move your crippled creatures and Bridge them together with some creatures of your opponent. Remember to use your crippled creatures with 0 attack as protection against Rakshasa Skirmishers by putting them in front of your flyers of behind a Walf Captain.
    • If you encounter a lot of Gazals feel free to add one Crusader Chaplain. Ward against Darkness would be a dead card in too many matchups.
    • Gazal plays with 4 Weeks of Taxes and 4 Blind Arbiters which may cause a lot of difficulties to play against. Quite often you will need to wait for a window of opportunity to discharge your fortunes.
    • Path of the Ancestors is obviously better than Mana Storms in this matchup

    replays: jkk vs Dyas, ZergRusher vs jkk

    Cassandra vs Hakeem mill WiP
    Spoiler:  Show

    Hakeem doesnt have any strong units so use your Altar of Asha early to remove blokers and deal damage or to revive Pao.

    It's hard for me to say whether it is worth killing void shades. In general i only kill them off if i can kill them in this turn. If not i move to another location.

    Remember that Hakeem is a brigde user so play around bridges if you can but don't make it a priority he will use his bridges sooner or later - just try not to create value bridges.

    Hakeem is tough to deal with because of 3 cost stalls (Shield, Altar). He usually has 8 of them in the deck, so any Pillage cast ofter turn 5 will just get annulled by one of those two cards.
    It's best to keep your pillage after turn 5, and try to double cast them if you can, or cast Pillage and then Cosmic in hope of unlucky draw for him.
    Another good turns to cast Pillage: turn 6 to avoid double Insect Swarm, when Hakeem player is on 4 destiny and you are expecting a Throne.

    Cassandra vs Cassandra - mirror WiP
    Spoiler:  Show

    by Diplomate & ZergRusher

    Goal: take board control


    - Resources cards :
    cons : lack of consistency (cant play them all)
    pros : tempo
    synergy : cosmic realignment, RT, prison cards

    The first way for Cassandra to take board control is deploying more creatures than her opponent, but faster. It is done via extra resources. In the mirror match up, the advantage goes to the one with the better resource boost. On the other hand you have to keep in mind the drawback of resources boost cards : they rely on your hand. If you dont have any good creatures to fill the board with, all those resources are useless. This is why, even if you know you will be playing vs Cassandra with your Cassandra deck, you can not just blindly put all the income cards together. Also I consider that we want to keep our deck competitive in some kind of Jackpot environment.
    Anyway there is still a possibility to mitigate the resources cards drawback : the cosmic realignment. We all know this feeling when we need to draw a creature or any active card and what we get is a river of gems. But if you play 2 cosmic realignment, you will not get them

    - haven guards (melee and flying) :
    cons : may be dead in other mu, proactive cards
    pros : good about board control, good with week of training
    tricks : care about weak link in board presence (dont rely on a praetorian)

    - prison cards (pillage, wasteland, prison) :
    cons : bad from behind, pillage vs treasurers/tithe
    pros :
    synergy : CR, resource cards
    decision : wasteland

    - Anael’s tutor :
    cons : melee slot, dead card
    pros : anael consistency, card advantage, week of training

    Cassandra vs Akane (Sanc) WiP

    Spoiler:  Show

    Akane (Sanc) is a very rushy deck. Key card to watch is Forked Lightning at 6 resources and 6 magic. It is of utmost importance to clamp your units together to minimize dmg dealt by Forked Lightning. Save your Pillages if you can to use them on turn 5-6.

    Another game changer is Father Sky's Wraith. It's really hard to play around this spell and i hate the design of this card. Just be mindful of it and try to limit your exposure by not deploying so many flyers when they are approaching 5 magic.

    Shinji Warriors are a real pain to deal with, especially if you don't play with Lightning Strikes. You may wait to kill them with Glories under Week of the Mercenaries or with 4 attack Wolf Captain.

    Finally remember about Time Jumps.

    Cassandra vs Xorm latest update: 10.2014
    Spoiler:  Show
    I've been of the opinion for some time that Xorm in open is a cancer that spreads. And now, it's even stronger and faster. Both versions: 5/1/1 and 3/1-2/2 are deadly and very hard to play against. When you see the Xorm player to go for 4 might expect Hellfire maniacs and 5/1/1 build.

    During the beginning you should try to maneuver your units to prepare for blocking. Remember that:
    - Xorm has Fire Bolts - always check if you will get the Path of Ancestors event (you should play with them)
    - Xorm ability adds 1 attack to each melee including melee-shooters
    - remembering the above try to minimize possible bad trades when blocking

    Make sure you observe Xorm hand during the first turns. Altar of Destruction - Xorm's finisher is the furthest to the right card in Xorm's hand, right of Gold Pile. During the 1st 2 turns Xorm will probably use all their Gold Piles and the Dragon Crystal so every card to the right has to be the Altar.

    Quite often you will block maniacs and allow LS to deal damage while preparing your units to gather around Wolf Captain that will block the line with LS.

    Try to survive until you will cast Devotion after that you should get back the board advantage and win the game.

    I recommend putting 2 Holy Praetorians just because of Xorm. You should try to get them during your starting hand, also Devotion is great.

    Cassandra vs Mother Namtaru (IoD) latest update: 10.2014
    Spoiler:  Show
    There are a couple of Mother builds and every one is a tough matchup for you since you rely so much on 2-drops. Her ability might be the best in the game and some rushy builds, like 2/4/0 leave you with no chance since Mother will abuse her ability killing every 2-drop you deploy. She is the reason why i no longer recommend the classic, rushy version w/o Treasurers since in this build there isn't enough 3+-drops.

    I actually dont have a perfect strategy to play against Mother but if you need to block and you expect Mother's player to use the ability, try to use other 2-drops than Wolf Captains and deploy Wolf Captains when Path of Ancestors is on. Also try to deploy 2-drops in bigger numbers so she can't use her ability each turn gaining momentum while you lose your units. Don't keep hand with multiple 2-drops, 3 drops are more important in the matchup.
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    I have no idea how this deck is t1. I dont have only altar of asha and cant get past 150 telo. Spelltors and adars just destroying me. I lost even to arianna. Maybe its because of only 1 cosmic or i dont even know. Can someone explain why i cant do anything with this deck?
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    This deck isnt a walkover.

    You really need to master it, to perform well. Cosmic is soooo imprtant for this deck and if U dont see reasons for playing the cards U are playing then dont expect good results.
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    I see reasons. But this deck has no answer for spells. I think i need 2 cosmics, and some advices about when u should mulligan.
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    Originally Posted by yta4ka Go to original post
    I have no idea how this deck is t1. I dont have only altar of asha and cant get past 150 telo. Spelltors and adars just destroying me. I lost even to arianna. Maybe its because of only 1 cosmic or i dont even know. Can someone explain why i cant do anything with this deck?
    I'd say you need at least two cosmics and asha often helps to finish your opponent, so I suggest you to get it too.
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