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    Windows 8.1 + PunkBuster

    I've recently updated my OS to Windows 8.1. Now I'm getting kicked by PunkBuster every time I join a game session.
    I have already contacted Ubi's customer support, but no response yet.
    Does anybody know this problem and has a solution ?


    Edit: And I already checked for PunkBuster updates, there are none.
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    Hi, i have solved in this way:
    1) Download PBSVC at evenbalance: http://www.evenbalance.com/downloads/pbsvc/pbsvc.exe
    2) Save the file on your desktop and run it as administrator
    3) Select "Install/Re-install punkbuster service" and click next
    Probably you'll get an error like "failed to copy file...". Despite this, it worked for me.
    I have only tried to run ACR MP
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    Is windows 8 allowed in punkbuster?
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    mirkociccio's method did the trick. Thanks !
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