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    What would you like the new patch to have?

    -New faction Dungeon, based on stealth units and assassins. (Stealth an enemy cannot see what creature you have deployed untill that creature atacks. The creature can be affected by AoE spells but not single target spells) Some spells , fortunes, and maybe even some creatures should allow players to reveal stealth
    -New 2v2 mode so that finally there is a reason for us to have friends in our friends lists!
    -More campaigns (i loved the current ones and the ai seems to be pretty good)
    -A 3,4 or 5 v 1 mode where you get to fight against an AI or a player that has some major advantage
    -More heroes 3 units (alot of people here LOVE heroes 3m adding some heroes 3 units would be a nudge to the fans)
    -Some heroes 3 soundtrack (not sure if they have the copyright laws to do it but it would be awesome)
    -More soundtrack for cards. Playing a firecamp should make the firecamp sound from heroes 6
    -Artifacts. Heroes was ALL about artifacts, gathering swords armor and trinkets for your hero was the whole point of the game.
    -Rebalance of some usless cards into making them usefull. For instance ignite does just 1 damage (its like adding one poison counter) make it cost 0 resources or deal 2 damage instead so that people would have a reason to hold it in their decks. Changes like this should be done for other cards that are rarely used too.
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    "-New 2v2 mode so that finally there is a reason for us to have friends in our friends lists!"
    Agreed ... I want 2v2 too.
    And if they can to make the 2v2 like that: 2 (Friends) Versus 2 (Random Players)
    2 (Friends) Versus 2 (Friends who are friends with the first friends and this mode should be called Custom 2v2 or something)
    2 (Random Players) Versus 2 (Random Players).. etc. xD just saying.
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    Allinim's Avatar Swiss Conqueror
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    I don't think that they will release a new faction, not enough time after Academy.
    I'd like to see a "banished cards pile", and mostly some new gamemode, maybe some more competitive ones with bo3 or else...
    I'd like to see something that makes rushes decks a little bit weaker, and maybe something to counter a little bit more easily something as op as quick attack ( Paos and shadow image mostly ).
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    if u talk about next expansion (big *patch*)

    - a filter for AoW, like u building a deck

    -yea new campaign stages would be fine too i guess

    -the amount of wildcards shown under your exp bar where the other ressources are shown

    -something against the actual *rush-meta*

    -for a draftmode it seems to early but new modes would be a nice addition

    there will be no new faction as far as i know(for next expasion) but its no problem and for a 2v2 mode its way to early(if it ever will come)
    crashes happen to me way to often would be nice if they can *stable* the servers(if they causes them)
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    Milky97's Avatar Team GZ Captain
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    Observer Mode please !
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    Re-use cards in multiple decks is still by far my highest concern/need!!

    But assuming that is coming soon, cards that shake up the meta, more counters to Rush, more general counters to strategies that many heroes have zero means to counter currently (lock, rush, ongoing spells), counters to unique creatures specifically.
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    2v2 would be great

    No new factions please, add to the existing ones.

    Observer mode sounds good, as does more campaigns.
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    +1 for 2vs2 mode as an online game to play with friends a feature like this is much needed.
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    2v2? Unbalanced apocalypse. I do not think that would work.
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    Chat channels
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