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    Forgotten Wars Tournament Challenge #1 - Sept 27-29th (Play, Discuss, and Win Seals!)

    What is The Tournament Challenge?

    The Tournament Challenge is an evolution of the older Jackpot Challenge weekly event that encourages players to experiment with new decks/heroes and discuss the possible strategies they create. These weekly tournaments are an outlet for some competitive with a focus on experimenting, creating new tactics, and having fun! With the release of Forgotten Wars, now is the perfect time to join in on theorycrafting!

    Your goal is to place as high as you can in the various tournament modes (Jackpot and Swiss) using the strategies that you come up with. We highly encourage you to stream your experimenting using our new integrated Twitch.TV SDK feature! Additionally, share your results here in this thread. Did you find an awesome combination of cards that helped you place in Tier 1? Did your new strategy help you conquer multiple Swiss Tournaments? Let us know!

    Interested in more competitive Duel of Champions action? Follow the latest news on the Road to Paris tournament and see who becomes the 2013 World Champion: www.roadtoparis.com

    Are there prizes to be won?

    Of course! On top of the prizes already included in playing tournaments, we will be awarding seals to players that participate here in the Tournament Challenge. To become eligible for extra rewards, share your experiences with the strategies you create here in this thread. Here are a few examples of ways to qualify:

    • Make an awesome play during one of your games? Explain how you were able to pull it off.
    • Stream your Tournament Challenge matches over the weekend and post the replays here for us to see.
    • Theorycraft a new concept. Come up with a sound strategy for victory and share your results with us.

    Our three favorite submissions based on decks, streams, or discussion will all earn prizes. The first place prize will be 200 Seals while the second and third place winners will both earn 100 seals each.

    Challenge of the Week:

    Our Challenge of the Week is to create a new deck using at least 10 cards from the new Forgotten Wars expansion. Your goal this week is to build a deck featuring at least 10 cards from the new Forgotten Wars expansion and to share your results in this thread by end of day on September 29th. The more details in your post, the better. Share your strategies and potentially win free seals! Perhaps YOU can be the person to find the next meta-changing deck!

    ***Please include the name of the account you would like seals credited to if you win! Thank you!***

    Remember, post your experience, decks, and stream replays here in this thread for a chance to win seals! Good luck and have fun!
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    One of the combos that I used with the new academy faction is to use the new academy creature blade mage with the new card fork lightning and Miranda. I would use fork lightning to kill most of the enemies creatures and what ever was still alive I would use Miranda's ability to move a magic creature so that my blade mage could pick off the creature that is still alive. This would allow me to bring fork lighting back into my hand. I used one fork lighting 4 times in a row against a stronghold deck. It is not a great strategy but it was really funny when it worked.

    As for a concept deck I am thinking of trying to build a Ammar weenie deck. The idea of this deck is similar to that of an Asalah weenie deck except it tries to capatalize on the drawing ability of Ammar to get more cards to rush with. The idea is to use chain casting and Djinn catalyst to make your spells very cheap so you can draw lots of cards and maybe otk someone with a really buff creature and several smaller creatures that are buffed by week of training and strength of the sea. The magic requiment of Ammar's ability will hopefully be fulfilled by the creatures with magic channel. I am still working on getting some of the acedemy cards for this deck but should hopefully have what I need soon so that I can test it out. I am already thinking of various other cards that could be added to improve the deck.

    My account name is g_robbers2
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    I'll be streaming some if I can manage it, using my new Sayama deck Will be interesting! So far a quick t3 was achieved with a kind of proto-deck. Decklist here:http://www.mmdoc.net/show_deck/11625/
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    IGN Shocky1003 (Add me as a friend!)

    Since I'm a new player and haven't really been playing as much as watching top tier players I decided I knew enough to create a beautiful deck! So I figured since a new faction is being released and they seem like my play style (mid-ranged/control) I would invest in this new set! I figured any other spells I'm missing I can get in the new Alter anyway. I went out and bought myself 3 boxes of Forgotten Wars and opened them all in a rage of excitement and noobness (which can be seen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OR6w6X62jfU ) just to not even find a single Hero. Though I would not be discouraged!

    I went to the Alter and used 21 of my most cherished wishes to receive Akane, Caller of Memories! Regret it I would not! After some fine tweaking I made a list I was happy with! Did some play testing with my friend before embarking on a journey to increase my 555 Elo score!

    During this journey I picked up some of the older cards that my collection was missing (A.K. Pao Deathseeker)and brought forth a wrath of Tsunamis and Lightning Storms to topple everyone I've faced! With a now 796 Elo I am very excited to keep working on my rank!

    The best game I had was luckily whist I was streaming (http://www.twitch.tv/teamfail12/c/2998585 )

    Deck List: http://www.mmdoc.net/show_deck/11704/

    I love the ramp that the creatures in this deck give. Along side the recursion effect of Akane it can lead to perma board wipes with Forked Lighting and Tsunami or controlling the board with Homebound Winds. I have Favorite Spell in for both deck thinning and getting the needed spell. Arcane Intuition kinda speaks for it's self; Just too strong not to play.

    As far as the creatures go: I love the ability of Spell Resist so I put some of the better one in like Djinn and Scholar. Then the keystone card of the deck has to be Nur, Spellweaver and her "Play an Instant, Draw a Card" ability. Turn 5 having a card that really on creatures can kill and gives you hand advantage is amazing!

    My Events are a little weak because I don't have very many.

    I love this deck and haven't lose. Currently I am on a 14 Game Streak (a few before this deck) and after just beating an Elo guy who was over 1k, I can say I am satisfied with this as a new player and would love for people to tell me what they think (buying some more boxes soon!)
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    IGN: ascendo

    Currently I am trying a forgotten wars Sandalphon deck and I am really happy with it, it is using 22 forgotten wars cards and I feel it is really strong.


    It is most certainly not perfect and needs a bit more testing and tweaking(to many meeles for example) but it already gave me T1 in Jackpot yesterday, lets see how I am doing with Swisses today

    Edit: My Swisses with Sandalphon went really well. most of them looked like this http://s14.directupload.net/file/d/3...uo5djp_jpg.htm
    I already changed my deck a bit including a few Griffins and Angels of Mercy cause I really had to many meele creatures, once I feel this deck is finished I will post it here.
    Ive uploaded a replay file from one of my Swiss Tournaments, nothing special, just showing the average gameplay.

    For todays Jackpot Tournament I will use a Zouleika deck:

    http://www.mmdoc.net/show_deck/11805/ counting the hero and events it uses exactly 10 Forgotten Wars cards

    I think this is a very strong deck(at least my ladder and Swiss matches went fantastic), I will play Jackpot today and post my results and a replay file later.


    I struggled quiet a bit but I managed to get T1: http://s14.directupload.net/file/d/3...myh36j_jpg.htm
    Maybe it is not as strong as I thought but its at least really funny to play
    I cant upload replays cause they crash as soon as Zuleika is using her ability
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    I haven't played well, lots of mistakes in JP resulted in me not chancing a higher finish than t3. I used the deck I posted with 1 minor alteration, with Bridges instead of Campfires. Couldn't swiss yesterday, will see how it goes tomorrow. The whole run was streamed, can be viewed on my Twitch channel(www.twitch.tv/polyglothc) under past proadcasts. At least I hope so, I'm not a twitch guru.
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    IGN: Woahrk6

    Hero: Myranda, Mageblade Champion

    Deck list: http://www.mmdoc.net/show_deck/11950/

    Forgotten War cards used: 31

    I got 10-0 in JP with this deck which is enough for 279 telo and Tier 1. I don't think anyone else managed to get an equal or better score.

    The deck I've used is far from optimal, but the concept remains the same as if the deck were complete. It's a semi-rush, semi-control deck. Kinda like Kieran 3.0. You put down high pressure creatures, free the way with spells and potentially finish with Time Jump. Due to the Magic skilling up almost automaticly, you'll always have enough Magic requirement for any spell you have the resources for.

    • Creatures have high hp and moderate to high attack. Generally high pressure.

    • On turn 5/6 you can already use Time Jump to either finish the game or give your opponent a huge drawback.

    • Town Portal, Lightning Strike, Lightning Bolt and Father Sky's Wrath help you remove/destroy single target blockers. The latter one also annihilates Haven, Necro and often Academy which are well represented in current meta.

    • Both Rakshasa types are extremely helpful in blocking an attack: Myranda and the creature both don't get hit. And they can attack the opponent themselves.

    • The high spell meta made me put in 2x Spell Twisters which were extremely helpful. One game, for example, I managed to steal a Forked Lightning (which I'm lackng myself!) and win the game due to it,

    • The Week of Knowledge is mainly to be used on the extra turn from Time Jump.

    • Spellstealer Wizard, Spell Twister and Time Jump allow you to deal with OTK, while they're also good against nearly any other deck.

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    For this challenge I will talk about both the jackpot on patch day 9/26 and the one today 9/28. Because mmdoc.net is down I cannot provide links so I will describe the decks.

    Initially on looking at the cards the things that jump out to me are:
    -Obvious attempts to nerf slowpoke decks. They are still viable but frankly I did not enjoy playing them so I skipped looking at these.
    -New mill options are available. I discarded these as too much work to get functional quickly, plus a heft card requirement.
    -Sanctuary gets a huge boost! Great creatures, new fortunes, fantastic!
    -Sandalphon already a strong deck gets some nice improvements.
    -Academy itself has several options:
    I love Myranda, prime is my favorite spell school and air my second favorite. The new forked lighting is a beast of a spell! I initially tried to create a Myranda rush deck but failed. Next I tried to create a board control deck with forked lightning and other removal and again was not successful. I saw l4m4 streaming an akane deck similar to what I was trying to do with Myranda and I created my own version and found it to be quite successful.

    My deck was something like this (no need to count FW cards, it clearly has plenty to qualify!):
    week of taxes and training for events:
    Wizard tutor & Scholar to block early and pump magic for spells.
    Gargoyles for blocking, fantastic because of their resist, they just don't die!
    Rakshasa's for blocking early and damage later. The evade means that these can just stop a melee/flyer in its tracks for turn after turn, really nice!
    Guardian Golems to frustrate the opponent. These alone help shut down rush decks, they cannot buff their own creatures or target your other creatures.
    Tassles (aka Nur) because well drawing cards is good and this deck has a lot of spells.
    Spellsteal Wizard because I don't want you to have SoTS, MoN, Spell Shield...*I* want it.
    For spells I loaded up on removals:
    Geyser, Lightning Strike, Lightning Bolt, Forked Lightning, Homebound Winds (very strong, removes a creature without worrying about its stats/abilities) and SoTS and the Wombo Combo.

    On patch day I ended up going 17-5 with Akane, which combined with a 2-4 start with other heroes got me tier 2. I also won a swiss with it for the achievement. Overal I went 35-12 in the games I played which includes some testing and tuning it. I lost to Malik and a few Rush decks the most and as I hate losing to Malik I decided to set the deck aside. Basically you just delay and stall and spend your removal liberally and spend your creatures as blockers liberally until you can start recursing. One Dhamiria I played got MoN out, and started removing my spells with the Nethermancer event and I was still able to win.

    This Jackpot I wanted to do something else, I really like Sanctuary overall so I did some testing with that in swisses.
    Overall sanctuary has a lot of outmaneuver creatures now and that plus honor are the strengths of their creatures.
    Shalan with his/her(?) ability and Sinkhole and Sayama Warden screams combo with broken bridge and thrones. If you don't want fortunes he has a pair of super strong spell schools! I haven't been able to get a deck working here yet so I shelved this for now. Additionally I had to win a swiss with Sanctuary to get him without spending wild cards.
    Takane with Honor Binds Us and some outmaneuver is an obvious combo, alas I only got 1 honor binds us so I shelved this idea for later.
    Finally Ishuma and Yukiko both have good potential so I went with an Ishuma deck. I did put the original version up on mmdoc.net before it went down but in summary it is something like this:
    Weeks of taxes & mercenaries

    Shark Guard for the turn 1 drop.
    Sayama Stalker for the fantastic turn 2 drop of a shooter no less! This fills such a huge void for Sanctuary.
    Spring Spirit
    Sayama Spy for the card advantage. Most people put champions in, but I only got 1 so I went with the spy instead.
    Outmaneuver creatures of Coral priestesses, the new Sayama Dune Prowler and Pearl Priestesses
    The 2 uniques Nyorai and Raya both are pretty good but Raya is fantastic, she can just lock down any creature on the opponents side.
    A couple stream singers for nasty ongoings, throw in DAs and Paos (which everyone has now) and a couple peddlers.
    For spells the obvious:
    Geyser, Sunburst, SoTS and Light of Tomorrow
    Lets see FW cards include: Stalkers, Spys, Dune Prowler and Raya well more than 10.
    Edit: http://www.mmdoc.net/show_deck/11713/

    I tested this deck, won my swiss with it pretty easily and got a couple other 1sts and 2nds and some ladder wins. However I wanted to go with something I was a little more confident in for the Jackpot today, it was a tossup between Akane again and Sandalphon.

    Sandalphon takes a typical Sandal deck and ramps it up some with new FW cards:
    Weeks of mercenaries & training. Training works especially well in this deck with all the low base power cards.
    Typical creatures to start:
    4 Wolf Captains, Tithe Collectors, Radiant Glories, Loyal Griffins, Pao's
    3 Peddlers & Holy Praetorians
    Now typically Sandalphon would have some combination of other creatures but I opted for new FW creatures:
    4 Crusader Watchmen, a 2 drop shooter who is 2/2/5 when undamaged and 0/1/X when hurt, significantly stronger than the old 2/1/3 shooter. First he doesn't die to insect swarm, second week of training buffs him. And on top he is still a 2 drop which means you can get him out with Sandalphon's power!
    I started with 2 Crusader Treasurer, and while he is a good creature Sandal is just so low casting cost that he simply is not needed so I removed him by end of the JP.
    4 Crusader Chaplains, a 3 drop who messes with graveyards and has 5 toughness? Sign me up! He is like the old standby of Sunrider only better.
    Finally Anael, fantastic addition! Heals wounded creatures which in this deck is very strong. Your watchmen become full strength again. Opponents will frequently expend multiple resources to kill off Wolf Captains. Commonly dropping a geyser/fireball one turn and something else the next turn. If you drop Anael in between you can undo all that damage they did. Further she is just a huge target and will draw any and all means the opponent has to get rid of her.
    The typical component:
    4 geyser, lightning strike
    2 monsoon, ice splinters
    SoTS, and Song of the Lost
    And I added in 2 Homebound Winds. A great addition handles any creature (without spell immunity) without doing damage. Can be used on your own additionally. Works great vs puppet master, void wraths, the list goes on and on.
    I think that adds up to 12 FW cards.
    Edit: http://www.mmdoc.net/show_deck/12054/

    So here was my game record, no real notes sorry!
    I started off with Akane again:
    1 W-Kat, a 600 elo player nothing remarkable here.
    2 L-Xorm, just outrushed by a great start
    3 W-Seria, another 600 elo player
    4 W-Kelthor, a 1500 player, but Kelthor just cannot beat Akane unless he outrushes her.
    5 L-Xorm, another outrush. At this point I get frustrated by losing to 2 outrushes and the time it takes to play Akane games so I swap to Sandalphon.
    6 W-Ariana
    7 W-Ariana nothing remarkable about these games, Ariana is just not a strong deck.
    8 L-Noboru, he drew more removal than I drew creatures, it was crazy. I made one misplay and stacked 2 creatures for a sunburst but other than that I don't see how I could beat his draw.
    9 L-Dhamiria, one of the weaknesses of Sandalphon. Dhamiria Creatures, got a turn 1 amnesia for my SoTS and again I mis-played at the end and cost myself a victory.
    At this point I am frustrated and questioning myself after 2 losses in a row and overall being 5-4!
    10 W-Belias, a 500 elo player not a very strong deck I am afraid.
    11 W-Sandalphon, first of the mirror matches and another 1500 player.
    12 W-Kelthor, a 1500 player. I hate Kelthor, playing against or with him either one!
    13 W-Akane, not enough spells! I was worried about recursive removal but she really never got going and had too many high might creatures...pretty easy win.
    14 W-Crag Hack, close game at the end it came down to us both being under 5 life and me pulling out the win after he had to top deck (from an empty hand) 3 turns in a row to stay alive.
    So here I am feeling pretty good, 10-5 with a 5 game win streak. So of course...
    15 L-Myranda played by Nillicomes. I got what is possibly the worst draw I have ever seen, after mulligan! I am running something like 22 creatures that cost less than 3 to bring out...and I drew 0 until after the 3rd turn! I got destroyed!
    16 W-Ishuma, no recollection of this game.
    17 W-Sandalphon, a 1500 player. His deck was weaker than mine because of (IMO) weaker creature selection in that he had treasurers and less watchmen, he also had griffin battle priests which are just too weak. Also wind gust I am not a big fan of.
    18 L-Dhamiria slowpoke, turn 1 amnesia got my SoTS and that was game. I had the peddler so if he had not gotten the amnesia I would have won pretty easily I believe.
    19 W-Ariana, no idea how this guy was up this high in telo but easy win.
    20 W-Zardoc, this was AndriyHeroes who I believe won the JP. He was running a fortune Zardoc with no spells and tons of fatties. My homebound winds were the heroes here!
    21 W-Sandalphon, another mirror match that I won. He was running some strange cards. He still had 4 angel of mercy which I believe to be an outdated card for Sandal now that FW is here, also he was running Treasurers again which is a mistake in Sandal, IMO. Finally 2 forked lighting, a great card but in Sandalphon? In Sandal you skill to 4 for Song and Homebounds so to jump up to 6 is silly. Sandal plays his cards out fast so you need to keep drawing not skilling up!

    Anyways that win pushed me to 269 which should be T1 with an overall record of 15-6:

    Thoughts...I think Sandal's time is about over. Despite making T1 with him I think that other Haven heroes will be better now Morgan for sure, possibly Alia and Cassandra. I still see a lot of Dhamiria around. I think Sanctuary will surge for a bit and I think control decks will see a rise soon. Academy's ability to steal your uniques is something players will have to get used to. Basically you just cannot cast that SoTS, MoN, etc vs Academy unless you can remove it if stolen!

    Interestingly there were a lot more players playing than normal. The jackpot was about 33% larger and the normal T1/T2 boundaries simply won't apply. I expect T1 to be about 260 instead of the normal 250...250 is already out of the T1 range by quite a bit.

    Edit: 269 was T1, 69th place out of 7200! A lot of folks stopped at 250 expecting T1 that won't work next time...I am betting the break is at 280 or so...heck 269 only made it by a couple spots!
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    My deck seems a consistent t3, and others have had some swiss success with it. Not exceptional, but good for farming. Sitting at 1362 ELO with it, if that counts for anything. (Ditched 3-cost fortunes, added 2 Lighning Strikes instead.)
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    Hey guys, sorry for the late answer on prize winners. Been working from home due to a cold. Hope everyone had fun with the challenge.

    Here are the winners:

    1st: Woahrk6 (200 seals)
    2nd: Shocky1003 (100 seals)
    3rd: Evil_Nuff (100 seals)

    Prizes will be distributed as soon as Aza is able to get them out. Another challenge will be up this weekend!
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