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    The Erudito Network

    The Erudito Network has a good amount of new information and insights into the Assassin's Creed universe. http://www.eruditonetwork.com/

    Like, for instance, the vision we saw of Minerva in AC2 where she was communicating with Desmond? She was probably communicating with the Desmond of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, the moment where he touches the apple and Juno starts talking to him.

    Why? Because the apple, the pieces of eden, are always present. The data they contain.. the data it has received (say, DNA gleaned from someone touching it) by the point of it's destruction is sent back to every single point in time it existed. The Pieces of Eden are always in a "present-state."

    But, the Pieces of Eden are just that, pieces. This was confirmed by Subject 16. They were once all connected in one great network before they were separated. But, that means that one Piece of Eden knows everything the others do, because when they were connected, they knew everything about all of their existence. This is why Desmond was able to talk to Ezio in ACR, through Altair's apple, this is why Altair's apple showed the locations of all of the pieces of eden in AC1.


    I'm not sure if this site is made by Ubisoft, but I have a small feeling that it actually isn't. So this is probably all theory-work.
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    If that's not official then I am very impressed - looks really authentic.
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    i think its fan made.

    In the about us section at the bottom it says ...

    "What is Erudito Network?
    Erudito Network is the internationat counterpart of http://leveritadellanimus.blogspot.it "

    that link takes you to a fan made website.
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    Hi guys, yes it's fan made........... created by my team!

    Let me to introduce myself.
    My name is Francesco from Italy and I'm a big fan of Assassin's Creed, you can call me COSO
    8 years ago I created a blog called Le Verità dell'Animus (The Truths of the Animus) a project meant to explain and discuss the plot of AC saga, a project really appreciated here in my country giving me the chance to meet people behind the development of the Ubisoft brand such as mr McDevitt, Julien Laferrière and Jill Murray.

    During these last years many theories and plot analysis have been developed thanks to this project useful for understanding the Assassin's Creed Saga, for this reason, helped by some friends, we created the Erunet to share with non-italian fans our passion and ideas.

    Hope you enjoy it!
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