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    Forgettable Wars

    Just played against another mill - I am not a hater like some but would prefer to have a little more interactivity, did we see any cards last night that might help achieve that?

    Of course I am talking about all those lockout decks not.just mills.
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    We saw a lot of cards which will support mill strategy.
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    the new milling strategy will still require focus on creatures, so the opponent will still have to be present on the battlefield- at least that`s what they`ve said and shown on the last stream.
    We`ll have to wait and see what the new meta will be.
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    New mills wont be kind of stall decks we see now, they will orbit not only around instant fortune milli but also built in creatures abilities to mill on hit.
    Besied It was said on latest stream from FW that there are gonna be cheap neutral anti milling (shuffle) cards.
    So academy milling will be more creature/fortune mixed decks (at least it is designed to focus on this matter).
    Current mills are total lock/slowpokes.
    Same purpose diffrent way of doing so.
    Also, we havent yet seeen other factions cards. I assume on the next stream (24th) we will see how this is going to be balanced from other factions perspective.
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    will there be an Academy deck that u can buy with gold?
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    I just came to lol at the topic title xD
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