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    Suggestion to Ubi: how to make more money with wishing well

    don't think anyone will read this on 50th page in official thread, so I ll make a new one.

    make alternative art cards available in the well that will cost seals additional to wild card, or make double/triple wc cost
    cost doesn't matter as its a cosmetic item,
    Its a common practice to sell cosmetic items in cash shop, its not game breaking, and many people ( including me) will spend cash to have exclusive stuff
    there are already 2 exclusive cards, but you can make more of them
    Lets put one of greatest features of this game to good use - artwork
    id pay 1000 seals for exclusive items
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    Uhm there are more than 2 alternate art cards. I own alternate art cards of Pao Deathseeker, Dark Assassin, Ravager, Campfire and Tree of Truth. I know there is also an alternate art of Stolen Supplies.
    All alternate art cards can be seen here: http://momcards.fr/us/pages/11-alternate-art-cards.html
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    Aza404- - International English Community Manager for DoC said that alternative arts wont be purchasable in any way. Only way we can get cards with alt arts is to get codes on events/tournaments or from achivments.
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