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    Summary of HantzzLeak

    This is a summary of the information that Hantzz has found about the Forgotten Wars Expansion. Hantzz hasn't leaked the images, he has found the info. Thanks another time for sharing it with the community. There you can see very interesting images of FW cards, gameplays testing the new factions and amazing artwork. You can found his thread here:

    And here is the link to the gallery:

    Possible cards due the artwork (only listed the cards with figure name):



    Ensalved Harpy
    Wizard Apprentice
    Wizard Tutor
    Wizard Disciple
    Spinning Dervish
    Blade Mage
    Rakshase Scout
    Spellstealer Mage
    Arcane Archer
    Sellspell djinn
    Rakshasa Courier
    Taweret Warrior
    Djinn Mentor
    Void Shade
    Glyph-Carved Golem
    surging Titan
    Darvish Master
    Nur Spellweaver (Epic 1/2)
    Zefira, Windchaser (Epic 2/2 ?)
    (There is a lot of more images without picture footname)


    Crusader Watchman
    Crusader Treasurer
    Scattershot Marksman
    Crusader Chaplain


    Lashing Lilam
    Demon Thrall
    Frenzied Maniac
    Imp Jester
    Abysal Worm

    Al-Betyl Ghoul
    Rotten Zombie
    Sahar Mummy
    Rotting Mummy

    Greater Air Elemental
    Moon Phoenix
    Void Tainted Djinn (?)

    Sayama Hunter
    Sayama Champion
    Raya Sibilant Seductress
    (There is a lot of more images without picture footname)

    Sahar Marauder


    Shifting Sands


    Rift's Echo
    Arcane Research
    Favourite Spell
    Lost in Void
    Saying Orb
    Void Tainted Ritual
    Stolen Research
    Forgotten Spell
    Fleeting Oasis
    Toll Gate
    Garden of Extacy
    Gate to Sheogh
    Harvesting the Dead
    Fortune Telling
    Second Chance
    Cosmic Singularity
    Black Fang Usurper
    Time of need
    Zen Garden
    Constant Learning
    Ancestral Guidance


    Gazal, Lady of Secrets (Academy)

    (1/1/1) (Primal , Light)

    Hakeen, Seeker of Misteries (Academy)

    (1/1/2) (Dark, Earth)

    Asalah, Invoker of castigation (Academy)

    (?,2,?) (Fire, Earth, Water)

    "Indeterminated Naga Hero" (Academy)

    Morgan, Beloved General (Haven)

    Ignatius (Inferno)

    Sihan, Spirit Severer (Necropolis)

    Shalar, Voice of Lotus (Sanctuary)

    Zouleika, Renegade Wizard (strongHold)



    Air Trap
    Home boundwind
    Forked Lighting


    Shared Agony
    Cursed Bound


    Mass Earthbound
    Deep Roots


    Fiery Death
    Fire Blast
    Mass Rage


    Mass Bless
    Lay of Hands

    Void Ripple
    Focused Mind (Maybe water?)

    Cold Fear

    Now the "possible" card text spoil that can be extracted from the images (this is the things that I think that I had read, so don't be so serious with this info):

    Rakshasa Raja (Academy) (Uncommon)

    4 (4/0/0) 5/5/5
    Evade (When This Creature is attacked by a melee or flyer creature for the first time in a turn, it moves to an adjacent position if posible. If it does, prevent all combat damage that would be dealt to and dealt by this creature.)
    Rakshasa Raja cannot attack a hero.

    Spinning Dervish (Common)(Melee)

    4 (4/0/0) 2/0/4
    Range Reflect 2 (Redirect 2 from combat damage dealt by a shooter creature to this creature to the attacking creature instead).

    Titan (uncommon) (Magic Melee)

    4 (4/4/0) 3/3/6
    Shockwave 2 (This creature can attack an empty enemy background position of the same row. If it does, deal 2 damage to all enemy creatures adjacent to that position).

    Surging Titan (Epic) (Magic Shooter)

    5 (5/5/0) 4/4/7
    Inmune to Retilation
    (Unknown Ability)
    Focused Blast 3

    Dervish Master (Epic) (Magic Melee)

    5 (4/1/0) 3/0/5
    Swift (???)
    Range Reflection X
    (Unknown Ability)

    Nur Spellweaver (Epic) (Unique Creature-Magic Shooter)

    5 (5/2/0) 3/3/6
    Inmune to Retilation
    Magic Channeler 2
    Spell Resist
    After you play Nur Spellweaver draw a card.

    Spirit Bound Djinn (Common) (Magic Flyer)

    2 (2/3/0) 2/2/6
    When Spirit Bound Djinn dies, deal damage to your hero equal to its attack.

    Minotaure Brute (Common) (Magic Melee)

    3 (3/2/0) 2/2/5
    Shockwave 1

    Rakshasa Courier (Rare) ( Melee)

    4 (4/0/0) 3/0/5
    Swift (???)

    Djinn (?)(?)
    5(3/4/0) 3/3/6
    Unknown Abilities

    SpellStealer Mage (?)(?)

    5(4/3/0) 2/1/5
    Unknown Abilities

    BladeMage (?)(?)

    6(3/5/0) 3/2/6
    Unknown Abilities

    Djinn Mentor (?)(?)

    5(3/2/1) 3/3/6
    Unknown Abilities

    Void Tainted Djinn (?)(?)

    4(4/1/1) 3/0/6
    Unknown Abilities

    SellSpell Djinn (?)(?)

    3(3/3/0) 3/3/5
    Unknown Abilities

    Arcane Archer (?)(?)

    4(3/2/0) 3/3/6
    Unknown Abilities

    Void Mage (?)(?)

    4(2/1/3) 2/0/5
    Unknown Abilities

    Demon Thrall (Inferno) (?) (Melee)

    ?(?/?/?) 3/1/4
    Unknown Abilities

    Lashing Lilam (Inferno) (?) (Magic Shooter)

    ?(?/?/?) 2/2/6
    Unknown Abilities

    Abysal Worm (Inferno)(Melee)

    ?(?/?/?) 8/4/6
    Unknown Abilities

    Cold Fear (Common) (Water) (Spell – Ongoing)

    2 (0/2/0)
    Enchant Row. Permanent:
    Creatures from the enchanted row with 2 or less Attack cannot attack.

    Moon Phoenix (Neutral) (Magic Flyer)

    2 (?/?/?) 3/0/3
    To play Moon Phoenix you must banish 3 target cards from your graveyard. When Moon Phoenix dies, return it to your hand.

    Please if you have better info of the cards tell to actualizate the thread. Thanks for your attention.
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    Cool topic
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    Hantziie's Avatar Senior Member
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    Feb 2013
    I've found this on a Brazilian MMDoC facebook group. I didn't expect to find it there. :x
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    Wow! This Expert level in sniping images!!
    I think that someone has his/her boss blaming at him today for the leak :P
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    Incredible work with this thread.
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    Cold Fearing all rows against rush decks. GeGe
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    very nice work with the images in the first post...many thanks to the person taking alot of his free time to do this....

    I don't undesrtand the evade mechanic.??!!?? - if you don't want your creature to block, you don't place it in front of the enemy - this basically frees up the row so that your hero can be freely atatcked seems rather stupid..how on earth can this actually be usefull..

    hope there will be a raksha kshatrya with sweep attack - and please make it a tiger not a lion for flavour's sake

    and minotaur with MAGIC MELEE .. come on; be serious...while you have soul eating lich - non magic and melle - this has lazy desighn written all over it
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    Originally Posted by AbisalAeneas Go to original post
    "Indeterminated Sanctuary Hero"

    Different little details but mostly this:

    Why do you think that this hero is Sanctuary, really ?
    Because he's a naga ?
    Naga are not above to be part of Academy like angel are not above being Necro... and Naga have been in Academy in past games. (hint, hint)

    Edit: As an Invoker, Asalah should be 0/2/1 like the others.
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    Originally Posted by ulpsz Go to original post
    I don't undesrtand the evade mechanic.??!!?? - if you don't want your creature to block, you don't place it in front of the enemy - this basically frees up the row so that your hero can be freely atatcked seems rather stupid..how on earth can this actually be usefull..,
    Well, read the Evade description once again, this time carefully. "If [the creature moves], prevent all combat damage that would be dealt to and dealt by this creature". That means, the creature attacking Rakshasa deals no damage. What's more - Rakshasa moves, so it blocks another row. It's pretty much fantastic, I hope it'll be as spectacular on the Battleground as it is on paper.
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    But the creature, to evade, must have some space so you must have some holes in your battlefield side...
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