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    thanks... thumb up
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    Originally Posted by Harmbringer Go to original post
    ouch, I sense a horrible NDA breach!
    Indeed, and it's probably quite easy to discover who leaked this...

    I mean, i like the spoilers and all, but this breaching a NDA is very wrong and I don't agree with anyone doing that :P

    Anyway, nice spoilers :P
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    Hantziie's Avatar Senior Member
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    I don't even understand how this reached a brazilian gaming website O_o
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    After this, Ubi just need to reveal cards from new expansion...
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    On one hand it's a shame this is spoiled - would have loved to see this live at eurogamer expo!
    On the other hand damn those are some sexy cards.
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    Originally Posted by Atisdai Go to original post
    hm, wild cards.
    And I see crystals.
    Now the question is: How do you receive either?
    The crystal pics are the wild cards (just blue on the creature).
    The question is: How do we get wild cards?
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    2 things about shop screen:
    1- look like there is hero pack with heroes from expansions
    2- look a bit wrong as there are only 5 packs, only for gold and there is no slider, so may be fake.
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    From the sight of it, this will be very desert themed, which is more than welcome by me.
    I like that we get quite a few mummies this expansion, since I always felt they were missing a bit. (we only had 1 so far).
    Also new Elementals and Void creatures, which I look forward to. Always had a weak spot for em, and which I could use em more.
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    Nice, top notch art and handy features. Looks like this game is heading in the right direction
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    For those of you who can't read the blurry text, new hero ability:

    (2) Until End of turn, whenever an effect causes cards to go from your opponents library to their graveyard, draw a card.
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