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    Just look at the artwork ... <3 <3 <3
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    I like the nickname testgod2
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    The artwork indeed is amazing, I can't wait!

    Btw, where do you see the Minotaurs, I didn't search too much, but I couldn't find them.

    Edit: Never mind, found them, I couldn't open that picture with the Minotaur. ^^
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    The altar of wishes looks interesting, looks like you collect 'wildcards' somehow and them trade them in for a card of your choice by paying the wildcard/crystal cost shown on the front of the card.

    In the image, the vampire card bottom right worth 16 crystals/wildcards is greyed out as the player only has 15 wildcards...

    It may be more complicated than though as I see that the epic is worth 8 while the rare is 10 so who knows...

    Rambling over.
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    nice screenshots :0 i want this patch so hard.. it seams to be complete so i hope we get this patch VERY soon O_O
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    Unflippen believable man, amazing art, and the new abilities LOOK SUPER interesting, meta watch out!!!!!
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    Great job at finding this out. I am excited about new expansion, Altar of Wishes and apparently new tweaks in the game!

    Thx Hantzz for great find!
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    There's a description of a new creature in the image 15
    The Moon flyer (image 15 : http://jogos.uol.com.br/pc/galerias/...htm#fotoNav=15).

    In a rush perspective a 3/0/3 undying creature for 2 ressources and 3 cards in the graveyard is always interresting.
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    there's also a imcomplete hero description in this image http://jogos.uol.com.br/pc/galerias/...htm#fotoNav=17
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    ouch, I sense a horrible NDA breach!
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