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    Shepherds of Fire [SOF] Recruiting!

    Shepherds of Fire

    Shepherds of Fire is a new clan looking to build its roster for AC4. We plan to be a competitive clan in AC4, and we are looking for experienced players who are willing to join and help build this clan from the ground up. To sign up, contact me on this page, on Twitter (@IroncladWyvern) or anyone who is a leader/promoted on Xbox LIVE. Also feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

    Note: to join, you must be at least 1* prestige in AC4 and have a working mic. Exceptions can be made in both cases, but only if you're close to either requirement.

    Include the following when you ask to sign up:
    -Your experience with prior AC MP games, especially AC3. We aren't interested in training new players; you need to already know your way around the game.
    -Your preferred team game mode (AA or Manhunt). Domination is ok too, but nobody scrims in it.
    -Your gamertag.
    -Your age.
    -Your time zone AND the time you usually play.
    -And, if applicable, your Twitter handle.

    Every potential recruit, with very few exceptions, will have to partake in a tryout before being accepted. The tryout will consist of playing AC4 with me and one or two other members. After, we may decide to ask you a few questions about yourself if we feel we need to. Note that this is not necessarily a bad thing, so don't take it as such.

    Here are the clan rules:
    -While we want to be a competitive clan, we also must ask that you treat members of the community with respect. It's ok not to like someone, but think before you speak. To that end, hatemail to members of other clans will not be tolerated.
    -Use of any glitch or exploit is not tolerated.
    -If you know you are going to be inactive please take the time to contact me so I know.
    -Make an effort to play with your clanmates. Above all I want to create a group of good friends.

    -Ironclad Wyvern (Leader)
    -ReCrisis (Leader)
    -CryptoNarwhals (Promoted)
    -Interval Zero
    -Murd3r Claws
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    I'd like to welcome wafflechucker to SOF

    I also updated the opening post for the launch of AC4, so please read it!
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    Wassup , My GamerTag is : x boss x skilz
    I Prefer Manhunt
    Im 17Yrs old
    Eastern Time zone & im Usually always On At 3Pm , Unless i have to work that day
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    wafflechucker's Avatar Junior Member
    Join Date
    Oct 2013
    Looking forward to climbing the leaderboards.
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    I'd like to welcome Anushi420 and CRYST4L M37HOD!
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    -Your experience with prior AC MP games, especially AC3: I won a AC3 competition at GameX the biggest scandinavian gaming convention also won the ACR competition. I've stopped playing for a while but just a couple of days ago I won this years AC competition and been looking to get back in it ever since.
    -Your preferred team game mode (AA or Manhunt): Manhunt I'm poor at AA
    -Your gamertag: Hero of Xbox
    -Your age 14
    -Your time zone AND the time you usually play +1 on the weekends I can play whenever but on the regular days I can probs play only an hour or so
    I'm looking into multiple clans so I might not awnser immediatly
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    Hey I am pretty new to AC MP in general but I may have caught the bug. I think it would be fun to play in a clan. So if you'd take a newbie to your new clan well here I be.

    Like I said, I am new but I know my way around the game. Just always played the single player and didn't mess too much with MP.
    EpicTuque (xbox360)
    PST and play time varies so I can work with most times.

    If you don't want to take a new guy I understand completely. If that's the case though any suggestions on an alternative clan choice?
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    I sent both of you a message on Xbox LIVE.

    I'd like to welcome Cxes to the clan!
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    Experience: Been playing assassin's creed since Revelations, and have been playing multiplayer ever since. Played a lot of AC3 but I don't have a lot of competitive experience.
    Team Mode: Very experienced in Manhunt.
    Gamertag: AppleJackles
    Age: 16
    Time zone: Eastern Standard. I play everyday, especially on weekends.
    Twitter: @AppleToTheJacks (Always available via twitter)

    What I'm looking for is just some friends I can play Assassin's Creed with.
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    -Your experience with prior AC MP games: I been playing since brotherhood MP. I didn't play AC3 mp that much though.
    -Your preferred team game mode: I play Manhunt mostly
    -Gamertag: Vladgustav
    -Age: 25
    -Time zone and time usually play: I'm in CT zone and I play usually after 3 on most days.
    -Twitter handle: @VladgustavUCN
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