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    Other missions won't open

    Also when I try to open a new solomission, game freezes. oh boy
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    Not sure how you guys screwed this one up but..

    If you turn "AIM DOWN SIGHT" from toggle to hold, you aren't able to zoom in with the sniper rifle at the beginning of the second mission "Insurgent Stronghold". This is on PC.

    Cannot ****ing express how frustrating this was to track down and figure out why I couldn't zoom in...
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    Weapons Sound

    My weapons doesnīt make any sound, at all, if I fire to the sky my game is literally on mute, and that is only the tip of the iceberg of technical problems, like visual glitches, bugs, unmerciful tearing, and even the copy-paste animations of conviction, which they used as an excuse to change Samīs voice, (I donīt see why, they are the same, and the cutscenes arenīt any better than conviction either) for the most insipid voice they found. A shame, but if at least somebody can tell me waht I have to do, to play the game with at least sound bullets (For my panther run), Iīll be grateful.

    P.D: Xbox360 platform.
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    Whenever i start the game my PC just switches off, however when I first played this (around release time) this never happened
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    This probably has been reported already but being forced into a letterbox or image stretching at traditional aspect-ratios is unacceptable
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    Game Freezes Everytime I Play

    Ok for the past week I have been having a serious issue with my game freezing on Special Missions HQ at entirely random points. I tried updating my PS3 but I didn't change I also made sure that my game is up date and the disc is in nearly perfect shape aside from some extremely tiny scratches possibly caused by the laser reader. Can anyone help me? If so it would be greatly appreciated!
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    A lot of people who LOVE playing this game is leaving it due to unfixed bugs.

    Message to the Ubisoft developers:

    Dear Ubisoft and the develop team(s) working on the Splinter Cell Franchise, and especially Splinter Cell Blacklist.

    I just want to point your attention towards something that has recently been bothering me and my friends of late.

    We have had severe difficulties connecting to the Ubisoft servers responsible for setting up matches in SvM multiplayer and Splinter Cell Blacklist coop.

    My fair is that this will be the final nail in the coughed, which turns fans of the Splinter Cell Community away from any future Splinter Cell games. Maybe even future Ubisoft games at large. After all why would we want to support a company who neglects a nice game?

    I definitely see your motive for focusing on your triple A titles. All I and our community of gamers ask, is that you fix bugs and exploit that have been in the game from the very beginning.

    Splinter Cell Blacklist is in desperate need for a new patch (the last patch from what I can gather was released back in 2013) including fixes to well-known glitches in the game. The Intel Glitch, the pistol glitch/gun glitch as well as the wall glitch. It would also be nice if you made it so that the Spies Only areas, stay spies only. Some of the glitches used for a mercenary (merc) to get into a spy only zone, is so neatly laid out that it appears it was designed to be a feature from day one. Regardless we want it gone.

    All I want is for Ubisoft to suicide, and I wish to contribute to its success with all my recourses. We only ask that you will let us financially support you with an easy heart, knowing that you care about gamers, regardless of witch of your games they play.
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    Ragdoll and Frame Rate after reload

    I just got this game on Steam

    Having issues where everytime I die and respawn or reload a checkpoint or level, the frame rate drops significantly and ragdolled enemies start flailing around all over the place. Any ideas?
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    In the solo campaign mission special mission HQ, I get to the bottom of the parking garage and the general speaks to the guard but then instead of progressing forward like he's supposed to, he just stops and stands against a wall. I can't progress any further in the mission!!! Tried restarting the mission and the game several times but always run into the same bug. This is stopping me from being able to complete the solo campaign.
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    CD Key Error


    I recently reinstalled Blacklist on my PC, but I've been getting the error message: FAILED TO CONTACT KEY SERVER on Steam

    What does that mean? I've read some posts and they said it is something related to the license. What it is exactly? Is there anything I can do?

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