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    Resolution issue

    I tried to fix 25 fps fullscreen issue with changing resolution to 1920x1076, unfortunately my Sony LCD doesn't support this resolution. Game is starting but there is no vision only sound.

    How to change resolution without launching the game?
    Is there some config file where i'll be able to change resolution values?
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    Said it in another thread already, very easy solution:

    Originally Posted by Kuberdrag Go to original post
    You can get around this problem by playing in borderless window mode. It's quite easy to achieve .. here's one method:
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    Problem solved

    Those who need change resolution without launching the game do this:
    Go to regedit

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ubisoft\RaymanLegends\S ettings

    then change the ScreenHeight and ScreenWidth values to the resolution that you want
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    Rayman Legends Resolution Fix

    Your perfectly correct!! Worked like a charm.. thanks alot.
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