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    This CD Key or Activation Code is not valid. Please try again(PC Retail)

    I just bought the game out from retail stores but the after entering the activation key in Uplay the error This CD Key or Activation Code is not valid Please try again appears. I followed all the known solution in ubisoft customer support page but it cant resolve my issue. I have log a ticket with ubisoft tech support ref.00701293. Any ubisoft staff here can help expedite my issue, i just want to play the game that i purchased!
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    Same here dude :/
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    Did you use the cd-key from the white pamphlet or the booklet with Sam on it?
    picture here of what i mean
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    I bought the standard edition which comes only with the white pamphlet. If i have this problem, then how many more legitemate customers that have purchased this product having this issue? Ubi tech support is taking their time in resolving my issue( did my plea for assistance in my issue gone into a blackhole?). If the activation key in my retail standard edition is not activated in the ubisoft backend server, then why is ubisoft still selling this product in the stores. This is ripping us legitmate supporters of our hard earned money
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    same thing happened to me I bought the standard edition.. I tried more than 10 times It just gives me the same result
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    I have the same problem here.. I bought the standard edition and the activation code doesn't work. I tried it many times and now my uplay account is banned again for 60 minutes
    What steps did you guys already take? (call tech support of your retailers, submit ticket to ubisoft, etc) I already submitted a ticket to ubisoft tech support, no reply yet though

    Here is my reference #: Case Reference # 00705108
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    same problem...... bought standard edition and cd kye no valid. Already have a ticket with ubisoft support but no reply.
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    Same with me I'm from the Philippines and bought this game from a local store "DATABLITZ"... I installed the game and when i input the activation key it says "this cd key or activation code is not valid.
    Please try again... what the heck? waste of time waste of money? Help us with this... I'm getting so angry with this, I want to play the game now. my friends bought pirated copy of the game and they are now enjoying it, but as for me with a legit copy, it doesn't make sense to have original that is not working... this is sad!
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    Mine too!! I'm from the Philippines as well. And it seems the problem affected many people as well. The code that came with the game is invalid. I triple/quadruple checked that I am typing the code correctly, as usually suggested, but to no avail. Worse, My account got banned for an hour for trying to activate my game using the code which I paid money for hahahaha.

    Already submitted a ticket to ubisoft, still no reply from them.
    Here is my reference n:.Case Reference # 00703387
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    Hi guys, please open a ticket with Technical Support, the link is in my signature.

    If you have already and it has been longer than 48 hours (excluding weekends) please PM a member of Support or a Forum Manager your ticket number for us to investigate.
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