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    Same issue. I do have virtualbox network adapter but that shouldn't be an issue because ethernet is the prioritized network adapter and not the virtualbox one.
    Me and my friend have tried bloody everything....
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    Can't connect with friends

    Yeah, it's year 2016!!! 21th century Ubisoft!!! Fix this please or people stop buiyng your ****s and start downloading. Cause cracked games works better!!! Just lost my money. Can you please fix it? Cause your helps didn't work! We are not stupid!
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    Issue fix

    try this this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3adBJHAQ7Q

    it looks maybe bullsh*t but it worked for me and a frind of mine
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    Hi all. I recently bought the game & had this exact issue when trying to play with a friend, thankfully within a few hours found a easy solution for myself. I just uninstalled 'Hamachi' & restarted the computer. I didn't do anything else. I've been able to play with friends regularly without issues since.
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    The way you can play coop together is by using Radmin VPN.
    One person hosts the vpn and the other joins
    then launch splinter and it should work enjoy

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