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    Why can't I sign my wife in....other than guest?

    I press split screen and her signin is always guest...i even played thru the tutorial (with her signin) and got her to the palladin.
    Sign her out, I sign in and i can see her gamertag at palladin....when she presses start it still comes up guest...no chieves and no leveling up.
    Somebody please tell me that this is like conviction and she can get chieves playin co-op player 2.
    I like the game but only bought it because it has local co-op missions like conviction...she ain't happy right now 8(
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    anybody? why in gods name did they claim the importance of coop and not let player 2 local get achievements and better equipment....i mean the default character is pretty bad with no upgrades
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    I'm having the same problem as well and I can't find a workaround. I feel that this is an issue that Ubisoft should address in a future patch/update because the splitscreen local coop with separate profiles was a deciding factor in my playthrough of Splinter Cell Conviction.
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    Same here, tried many things, but it seems it is impossible to play with two different profiles split screen. Which is very sad, one of the reasons I bought this game was for coop, expecting something closer to conviction but as it stands now, I feel tricked. It is the same as if there was no local coop at all. Hopefully it is something fixable and will be fixed very soon.
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    Wow. No excuse for that. Really the only thing Ubisoft did that i'm mad about. Conviction allowed it and Blacklist is supposed to be running on the same engine.
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    Yes same issue. Me and my gf are pretty mad about it.
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    Same here, I hope that update comes fast or my wife will stop playing with me, then I won't be able to buy another Splinter Cell game ever again!!!
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    Also same, very dissappointed. Pretty much only reason I bought the game in the first place.
    First time I play the game with a friend of mine i thought i didn't sign in properly or something

    Please Ubisoft fix this in a patch soon !!!
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    Don't tend to play local co-op but you said guest account? Have you tried making an actual online or offline profile so that it can save the games progress?
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    Both me and player two have an online account, and both are signed in to that account.
    But when i start a split screen session and player 2 enters that session he enters as a guest. instead of his own player account.
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