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    I finally beat him. Had to try so many times. I guess that is good for a boss; better for an M&M game. Still, we NEED potions. If I had not saved 9 healing potions, I would have been totally stuck at that juncture in the game.

    Another thing, when I finally won, 2 of my guys were unconscious. My light mage and earth ranger, who kept the group alive and healed 90% of the battle. Because there were unconscious on the last turn of battle, the got ZERO xp. So they did not level up either. That really ucksays. They were just as important in battle as my other 2, and they get zilch. :/
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    Originally Posted by Mantra49 Go to original post
    I Because there were unconscious on the last turn of battle, the got ZERO xp. So they did not level up either. :/
    I understand you but this is quite normal and not a bug i think. When i played M&M 6-8 it was the same. Uncon chars didnt get any xp from fights but the whole xp pool from a fight was divided through all alive members. i.e. the Mamushi kill gives 400xp. if all members of your party are alive, everyone will get 100xp for the kill. If only 2 member are alive they will get 200xp each and the unconn dont get anything. I think this is a good solution.
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    Beat him on level 3, second try, first try I got knocked off
    Had Defender, mage defender, warrior. Does that count as a warrior party? Used 5-8 healthpots and 1 mana potion.
    Mage hadn't learned any new spells bar the starting ones. I used the holy starting spell and the armor breaker.
    If knockback, 1 step towards the middle. just hit do your thing, if you miss or anything, I used one of my defenders to taunt.
    Mage died at the end, to lazy to took health pots for him, he didn't do **** anyway .
    I found it quite easy as a warrior party, now as a mage party, I feel for you.
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    He seems to be vulnerable to air magic so air spells do a fair chunk of damage on him, so mages aren't entirely useless in this fight as long as you only have one mage!

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    But I have to say - in case every single character stays alive - that 100xp per character is WAY too low for such a hard boss. Was it really that few xp? It needs to feel satisfying finally beating him. Just two or three items and so few XP is just not enough, I think. Each character should gain at least 500xp for this fight...
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    yah the xp rewards arent balanced yet. hopefully later the developers will adjust the xp rewards so they actually match the battles. i mean they could borrow from AD&D.... HINT HINT!!
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    Originally Posted by sajahubi Go to original post
    Yep, 2 times actually (first time I got stuck on the floor cause of a bug after I killed him, had to reload and beat him again -_-). it's a long fight, not that hard when you know the trick but still it's a real boss fight.

    There are 2 things you need to pay attention when fighting him :

    1. never fight him when your on the edge of the floor, if he pushes you (and usually does), you get thrown off and instantly die, so you need to stay in the center of the room.
    OK Big Question? How do you prevent yourself from being Pushed Off top of Lighthouse?
    everytime he closes in next to my Party, the game removes all movement options from me...

    can't move left or right, ahead is blocked by Boss & behind is empty space, just waiting for my party to fill...

    considering this is the 1st Real Big Boss it freaking well sucks

    not really anticipating a response, as the Forum appears dead, as this game seems to be wholly unsupported now
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