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    the splinter cell blacklist service is not available please try again later.

    I keep getting this message whenever I try to go online. I have forwarded my ports. any help would be great.
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    IDK but the servers were down for a little bit. They're up again now.
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    If you have tried and opened all the ports, you should not be having any issues. Although, please try contacting your ISP and network admin regarding any ports that may be blocked or restricted. The servers may be experiencing high traffic, which would have me ask you try again a little later. If you continue to have these problems, please update us in an Support ticket so we can look into this further. You may locate the links to Support in my signature below.
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    That message was when the servers were down.
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    For some reason, it still does that for me...

    The servers for PC are all up as far as I know, my friend is on it, he can send me an invite too.
    However, the message continues to show up for me
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    Still cant connect to online..TCP ports are open, UDP wont open for some reason. any ideas?
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    You seem to be the only other person with this issue along with me

    I'll tell you if I figure something out!
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    I'm wondering if it has something to do with the fact that I preloaded it. going to try reinstalling.
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    I tried that already. No go
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    This is really frustrating the worst part of it being that our problem is very low on the list, as there are so many other problems. =/
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