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    The game won't let me progress any further for disarming 2nd bomb in Transit Yards, I've restarted the mission more than 10 times.😡😡
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    Same here..
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    just my 2 SCents

    dear fellow SC players,

    i'm João, from Portugal, Europe and i'm 36 years old.
    after playing my third SC game, CT, more than ten years ago, i went on a sort of gaming hiatus until the end of 2019.
    after the come back, i bought the 3 SC Games missing, on PC (Double Agent, Conviction and Blacklist).

    i had very fond memories of the games, the missions, the atmospheres, the characters, the stealth, etc...

    i believe Double Agent was close to my memories, but with deprecated graphics in 2020, understandably.
    Conviction was a different game but i really enjoyed playing it. more Action oriented with very intelligent details and a deep storyline.

    then i played Blacklist and i liked some things (Graphics, Story, all the other Characters) but some other things made me uninstall the game before the end, around 50% of the main story i think.
    i understood there was some commotion online with the direction Ubisoft choose for the last two games. i tried to ignore any opinions before i tried the game for some time.
    i believe my decision to quit the game was related to being tired of some things, constantly nagging my gameplay and frustrating me.
    i was so sad with it that i think i need to write them somehow:

    - Kind of a younger Sam Fisher, Different Voice.
    - SF now has the posture of a Action Movie Hero (the lines, the actions, the humor), SF was subtle, cold, with nice humor, now he threats colleagues and enemies, he over reacts, etc...
    - his movements in some actions (like climbing walls and windows) is too quick and very awkward, in some situations i feel like i was playing Super Mario, jumping from window to window pulling enemies instead of coins, very quickly and totally not natural. (came from Conviction)
    - the way he moves when crouched is ridiculous seen from behind.
    - the speed of movement is not good for stealth. the minimum speed is way to quick, SF used to be able to move very slowly almost on his tiptoes and that would give the game a great feeling.
    - they removed the 'scroll to change the speed of your movement' option, that was perfect to control your actions.
    - for some reason, between entering and exiting the hidden mode (Q key) and the loading of saved games, the speed of movement would change to running automatically, that made me crazy in some situations.
    - i played in perfectionist and in some situations the enemies wouldn't react to noises around them, like footsteps in some materials or things falling. also, in broad daylight, they couldn't see a guy in black pass by two of them while talking?
    - not being able to jump freely, but climb in controlled positions.
    - for instance, the Mirawa level, not being able to jump some stones on the river, and being stuck there, between rocks, not being able to move forward, along the river (creepy).
    - many daylight missions, that should be choosable.
    - the same shortcut to pick bodies and guns from the floor, frustration.
    - the heavy guards, looking almost the same, with a ridiculous helmet and a vest, is very very poor. why don't you create different but related bodies/uniforms/clothing (so easy to do in most cases) and point it out in the opsat or via hud? (i recall Batman Arkham City, for instance)
    - in some cases the checkpoints are very frustrating.
    - the lack of hacking challenges, or lockpicking, or vault openings, etc...now spacebar FTW.
    - the types of challenges were all based around lasers, still (and stupid 'drones'....).

    Unfortunately, just the Village in Paraguay and the Shopping Mall gave me a taste of the old SC atmospheres.
    Maybe, i'm just getting old, but i couldn't stand Blacklist that much.
    Sorry for the long text.

    TL;DR: what have they done to you Sam?

    thank you
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    We need anti-cheat for Blacklist, which makes it possible to fly through the air, kill your own on command ...
    Cheaters bothered me with the fact that they constantly kill me (their teammates).
    What motivates their actions is not clear. I can only say for myself - I always play honestly. And cheats and trainer never used.
    Who can help - give a link to download such software.
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    I agree with srjpfc
    Many good points
    Doesn't feel like the same stealth game it used to
    Ever since Chaos Theory has not been the same, although Double Agent was still pretty good
    The classical movement of Splinter Cell in Pandora Tomorrow was my favourite. CT was so amazing because it introduced so many new gadgets and moves and the co-op mode was so enjoyable.
    TBH, the most annoying thing about Blacklist is Sam's voice and Sam looks so much younger. Blacklist feels like it is focussed on a much younger audience than the previous splinter cell games, especially with some of the movements Sam does to get from or into cover. I don't mind the execution ability though.
    I miss the old splinter cell games. I wish they would make a new one with exceptional graphics, although Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory both have exceptional graphics considering their age. Nobody can voice Sam better than Michael Ironside and ever since Lambert is not involved in the game anymore Splinter Cell has not been the same. I don't care for the story like I used to (maybe because Sam has transformed into an action hero as mentioned by the previous poster) and the younger version of Sam both in looks and voice really deters me.
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