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    Splinter Cell: Blacklist Suggestions and Feedback - NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

    My experience with Ubisoft's games in the past, up until this point, has been amazing. That all changed with this most recent release. Like many of you in this forum, Splinter Cell defined my childhood and I've played every single game since classic. I was looking forward to Blacklist (Still am), and I've also purchased the game for multiple friends and my fiancee so we can enjoy multiplayer and co-op together.

    Unfortunately, this has been an awful launch with disappointment piled on top of disappointment.

    First, PC gamers were given the run-around when customer support couldn't communicate clearly with any of us, continuing to push the time back further, even though some of us stayed up late or took days off of work to try out the game on day one; we're proud supporters of the franchise and Ubisoft.

    When, at around 2PM EST when users finally started to get access to their Uplay copies of the game, many of us were greeted with abysmally slow download speeds even though we have incredibly fast home connections and can download 10-15 MegaBYTES per second on Steam symmetrically.

    Uplay is an awful piece of software, and I believe that every person who received Splinter Cell Blacklist through Uplay or the Nvidia promotion should be re-compensated AT THE VERY LEAST with free copies of the game on Steam, which is a far better content delivery system.

    We love your games and enjoy playing them, but your customer support in regards to the distribution and tech support for Blacklist have been nothing short of nightmarish.
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    I'm going to rename this thread as "Feedback" and sticky it.
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    Originally Posted by EvilPixieGrrr Go to original post
    I'm going to rename this thread as "Feedback" and sticky it.
    Thank you,

    I understand that this isn't your fault or any mods/support staff on the forum. I understand the hierarchy of high-tech companies with great clarity.

    The moderators have been doing the best they can, but something's definitely going wrong somewhere in Ubisoft.
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    Oh, I totally knew that, but I sincerely appreciate you making the clarification anyway!
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    You brought Splinter Cell back to life thanks ! You guys did a great job allowing players to approach missions with different styles of play. Please, with future releases keep the game like you have it now and improve on it... do NOT take steps back like you did with Conviction
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    Feedback on PC:

    Borked 16:10 aspect ratio. Black bars, black bars everywhere...
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    This is probably the fourth time I've been killed because my melee button is the same as my "open doors and interact with just about everything" button. I press E to knock someone out and end up slowly approaching the vent next to the guy I'm trying to neutralize, only to get shot while I'm opening a vent.

    I don't want to lower my game difficulty because of the number of vents in any given level, but it's really starting to look like I may have to. Not because of genuine game difficulty, mind you, but because Joe Hostage Capture-Guy likes standing next to a door.
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    Suggestion: Add FOV Slider - Get my face off the screen

    I know console gamers love 70, but that JUST. DOESN'T. Cut mustard with PC gamers. Personally, I use 85. I wish the game supported a FOV for SvM so I didn't feel like my face was on the screen. Why would a game come out in this day and age on PC and NOT have FOV customizations?
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    Well, i've been trying to punch 3 baddies around a hostage, finding myself freeing the dude instead of breaking noses...
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    SPY IS TO EASY... Bring back the old method of being spy that took skill and teamwork with a partner to take down a merc not just run up to him or hide behind a corner and wait and smash the x button. What happened to having to be behind the merc to kill him. What happened to punching him the face if you were in front and hit x and then he flew backwards and your partner could then be behind him waiting to get his neck ... something called teamwork. Fix this please.
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