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    How to slow down day/night cycle solution.

    Dont have writing permission on Early access forums for some reason so i post it here.

    A lot of people complaining about day/night changing too fast. I quite agree with this.

    To slow it down you need to go to the game folder. Usually its located inside your steam folder with all your steam games.
    " c:\Program Files\steam\SteamApps\common\Might & Magic X - Legacy\Might and Magic X Legacy_Data\StreamingAssets"

    Inside there will be a file named "config.txt"
    open it with notepad or whatever editor you are using.
    Inside you will see a lot of text and some numbers.
    When you open it with notepad it probably looks quite messy and hard to read. Dont be scared and just look for keyword: "[gametime]" its in brackets.
    after that you'll find values you want to change.
    what does it do:
    dawnStartHours = 8 - when the sun starts to rise - i set it to 6
    dayStartHours = 10 - when the day starts - i set it to 8
    duskStartHours = 18 - when sun starts to set - i set it to 21
    nightStartHours = 20 - when the full darknes comes - i set it to 23
    minutesPerTurnOutdoor = 15 - how fast day/night changes out doors, how many minutes pass when you take a step - i set it to 5
    minutesPerTurnCity = 5 - same but inside city - i set it to 2 and its quite comfortable for me
    minutesPerTurnDungeon = 5 - same inside dungeon - i set it to 2
    minutesPerRest = 480 - how many hours pass when you rest, i left it as it is 8h of sleep is pretty normal

    Also you can set custom display resolution if the one you using is not available ingame for some reason.
    Go to your "Documents" folder, next you should see "MightAndMagicXLegacy" folder.
    Inside there is "options.txt"
    Open it with Notepad and you'll see following lines:


    Change it as necessary.

    For resolution change "options.txt" should be edited in "Documents" folder. NOT the one in steam/game folder.
    Also all changes should be made when game is NOT running.

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    There's a lot of interesting things in this file. Have you played with any other settings?
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    Very nice!
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    Thumbs up, I will test this out!
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    Have checked your adjustments, and now it´s way better and much more realistic in feel!
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    Looks like there are settings in there for changing how often items break. That's definitely something that needs to be tweaked.
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    yeah day and night run very fast
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    Cool I will have to try this out.
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    I am so sick of my weapons/armor breaking I'm about to take a 1 month vacation from this game. It's so frustrating. And now I see all they had to do is change a setting with a quick-patch to fix it.
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    Something else you can try is setting the monster health at 1.0 instead of 1.5, see what you think. I also tried to fix the broken weapon number they have in the config file but it didn't see to change anything.
    I agree on broken weapons, it makes the game almost unplayable and sucks the fun out of it. Previous M&M never had weapon breaking this insaine, usually only when you died, or a very select few monsters far later in the game.
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