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    Divided-Allegiance recruiting new members,community 14 years old(mature players only)

    We started out in mostly MMO'S like Asheron call 1, we moved on to other MMO'S, we always enjoyed shooters, and now one of our more successful divisions have been WARZ, WARZ is a game were you lose your loot, we have hardcore players and casuals, we also run our own servers in any game we can, we also plan to have people playing Battlefield 4 and we will have a server for it. So if you enjoy any of these games here is your chance to get to know us, we have a forum and our own Teamspeak server,

    Our community is ran by 5 board members, and a leader for each Division all divisions must follow the community's rules, we don't have anal rules like some guilds, we do though have the basics like most guilds should, we do this to better the community, our community is come and go as you please, but we have some hardcore players, our plan and like we do in all of our games is allow the casuals to play as they wish, but we have a more serious group they have stricter guild line's to follow. So its up to which route you want to do, we although don't allow members in our community unless you have a working mic and you must be on Teamspeak at all times when playing, there is no way to properly get to know your clan mates or play any game with out it, we have learned this through the years, we also don't just let everyone and anyone in our community we do have an application process that takes 2 mins to fill out mostly yes and no questions, again this helps us weed out the bad members, and the lazy ones.

    Our goals for this game will be as I stated we allow casuals, we plan to have a more serious group that we will have squads like we do in our other shooters, Alpha , Bravo etc We also plan to have clan wars as well with other clans..

    If your wondering will the casuals be left out from this, no way they may join as well, and even start there own casual squads with in the community as well.

    This will be for PC only at this time, we have many Xbox players, but we are a mostly PC community sorry Xbox players.

    If you want to apply at our site, here is the link http://www.divided-allegiance.com/vbulletin/forum.php

    All must apply to get into the guild.
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    Hello recon, can we chat in private for some information please?
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