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    Ultimate Adventurer badge/title?

    I've noticed a few other posters with it, and I'm pretty sure I should have it too (according to GamersGate) but I can't find any setting or anything to turn them on.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Edit: Solved! Just had to create a topic. Derp!
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    Help Me!!! i cant have this! why???
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    So maybe you just have to post here to get it?
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    test to see if I got it
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    ok, not so much
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    Do I need to start a new thread?
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    So does posting in this forum magically make it work? That would be rather annoying, though I guess this thread works for people trying to get it if it does.

    Edit: Yep, that did it. Such a strange method, but at least there's a place for it without mucking up other threads.
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    Some say that you have to start/begin the game (early access) too. It may be weird but who knows for sure ?
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    test to see if I got it
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