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    Game freezes quite often during battle or when party tries to engage battle.


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    I live in a crappy little dump of an apartment nestled in the foothills of La Habra.
    Who do I send crash reports to?
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    Originally Posted by EvilBadger1978 Go to original post
    Who do I send crash reports to?
    Hi, please have a read of this thread http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...-Bug-reporting
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    I'm really enjoying the game so far, trusting the decisions made by the Devs. May I ask if it would be possible to add Nvidia Shield support? It would be great to play this on the sofa.
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    I have to agree with what my fellow players have written here. To add my two bits - the Elite Kenshis at the Lighthouse are RIDICULOUS. Counterstrike on every attack, my party keeps dying over and over, that kinda made me sad. Also to not have the ability to return to town to resupply and resurrect fallen members may be a truly old skool feature, but I feel a bit too old for that kind of punishment.
    Second, the gust/gush of wind spell breaks the game quite regularly, when used against a Kenshi to make him lose his attack, the spell is cast and the turn ends, nobody is able to move and the enemies dont engage...load...
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    Hi guys, first of all I'd like to compliment you on how open you appear to be to community feedback, absolute kudos!
    Here are some suggestions that would make me enjoy the game a lot more:

    1. Time progression, although I love the concept that you have to rest every once in a while, and that even Ashan is subject to the whims of time, it seems to me that the hours of the day fly by at a ridiculous pace, for someone who likes to explore absolutely everything, it forces you to rest an inordinate amount of times + go back to town to pick up your meager 6 packs of supplies all too often, not to mention that it breaks the immersion somewhat when taking a stroll around Sorpugal takes a full day-and-a-half.

    2. Clearer targeting: All too often I've been faced with two enemies at range and been unable to determine which of them I was about to launch my arrows at, which can be quite crucial when choosing between a rogue mage who already looks like a pincushion and an armor-clad thug fresh out of the factory. There needs to be a clearer indicator as to who the current target is, either a floating marker or an outline, I'd also suggest that right-clicking a foe brings up the health of the target and an explanation of the different buffs and de-buffs.

    3. Although I love the combat system very much, it seems to me that it should be possible to fire ranged weapons while in melee, not at the melee target, but at targets that are further away, it seems silly that the four party members are all so engaged with the guy in front that they cannot respond to the missile fire from the enemy.

    4. There is a great imbalance between melee and ranged abilities, as previous posters have mentioned, the mage will run out of juice fairly quickly, and the archer will have at most 1-3 rounds of full efficiency before the melee starts and so most of my mage's time is spent futilely stabbing at the laughing enemy with his butterknife hoping to tickle them to death after having burnt through his usefulness waaaay too quickly, I feel that this ties the player to limit their character choices extremely, maybe some mana regeneration is in order?

    Thank you very much
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    Given that the game is in pre-release, I have enjoyed the few hours that I have put into it so far. The old school style brought back a flood of nostalgia, and the tile and turn based mechanics offer a touch of strategy to the otherwise mindless grinding. Ultimately, however, I did give up and stop after only a handful of hours. I'll outline some of my pros and cons below.

    -Retro style PC RPG
    -Race and class customization (albeit, understandably limited in the pre-release)
    -Fairly open ended, with a reasonable amount of exploration

    -Travelling from square to square is pretty "chunky" (move, full stop, small delay, repeat)
    -Extremely dated concepts for stat growth, skill growth, resource management
    -Boring skills
    -Most magic is boring, and virtually all magic is too expensive per damage out

    I know it sounds like I'm contradicting myself by saying that I appreciate the retro style in one breath and then claiming that it's dated in the next breath, but let's face it: RPGs and video games have come a long way

    The skill system is simply atrocious. It allows for almost no customization or creativity. If you have 2 characters of the same class, they're going to play relatively similar. Oh, one is geared for axes and one is geared for swords! And one guy has medium armour and one guy has heavy! Awesome! Yes, the different classes are fairly different, but why can't I make two dwarves vastly different? Why not have either a universal skill tree with races and classes at different starting points along the tree, or at least a large, branching tree for each class?

    This is not a concept that would have been popular in the "golden days" of this style of RPG, but, then, neither are we IN those golden days. Again, following the lines of "times have changed", a lot of design decisions make the game not difficult but slow and awkward to play. Each individual fight tends to be trivial, for the most part. However, an antiquated mana system ensures that you won't be using your skills, but instead will be mashing the melee button until everything in front of you inevitably dies. Top your party back up to full health and rinse and repeat. No strategy required. No interesting skills overly useful. Why not make each inidivual encounter tougher to present an actual challenge (enterprising players will strategize, patient players can grind to outlevel), vastly reduce potions and their effectiveness, make skill costs slightly more reasonable to encourage their use, and adjust resource management. Possibly add in a very low amount of passive HP and MP regen? Possibly adjust the resting system? Possibly add in regenerative abilities to the woefully lacking skill tree?

    As I've said, I enjoy the tile and turn based mechanics of this game, but there is significant room for improvement. As far as I can tell, the 4 party members do not have distinct locations on the tile that your party occupies. That is, when an enemy attacks, there is an equal chance to hit any party member. This takes away a huge part of positioning. Obviously, I'd like to have my tanky members up front to soak up damage while my squishy characters dish out some pain. Why not have the party on a 2x2 grid within the occupied square? First two characters would be in the front line, last two in the back. Minus special abilities, monsters can only hit the front two characters. If you get flanked or surrounded, your weaker characters would be exposed, as they should. This would also allow for bonuses and penalties for flanking and back attacks, etc. Alternatively, since only 2 enemies may occupy a square at once, the last characters of your party could even occupy the square behind your front 2. This would increase the surface area of your party, allowing for more dangerous surrounds in open areas, and allowing your ranged characters to use their ranged attacks even when the front 2 characters are in melee?

    If resting consumes supplies, great, so be it, whatever. Really not a big deal. But why the arbitrary limit of 8 supplies? And why not make the supplies a normal item that can drop or be looted? Knowing that you can rest 8 times before towning no matter what is disappointing for a cautious player that is looking to explore a large or dangerous area.

    I think ultimately my biggest concern is that I feel like I can't create distinct enough characters to make exploring the world and its story enjoyable. If everything is cookie-cutter, there is no satisfaction in taking down a challenging group of enemies, and no reward for getting that next level, or that elusive piece of gear.

    Walk. Melee. Melee. Melee. Heal. Walk. Melee. Melee. Melee. Heal.
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    Hey Might and Magic team.

    I have been playing Might and Magic games since Might and Magic 6 came out and the also Heroes of Might and Magic 2. When I saw the trailer for Might and Magic 10, I where happy to see that where coming a new game out from the Might and Magic franchise. But I did find some things that I felled where missing or need in the beta. I don't know if it's just because it's the beta and its coming later, or something you have not thought of, but I will write them up now and I hope to see them coming to the game

    I have been playing the game now for around 12 hours now, and I like the move and combat system. There is a lot more Strategy to the way it's played now and I like it. But every time I had to go back to town I found it to be annoying , that I had to move manually all way back to town. I know that the older Might and Magic don't have a "Quick Travel System" but it could have been nice if there were, and this game needs it. It takes to much of the good experienced of the game. So Quick travel is need.

    I like that the feeling when I went in to the first vendor, and where very big image of how it look inside the vendor, just like the older games. I missed the buying part where you saw the armor or weapon on a stand before you bound it, but that's ok. But I missed a buyback system, because I sold some things by accident. So buyback will be nice. Also the vendors did chance the stuff you could buy from them. 2 hours playtime in the game I had no more potions, and the game became much more hard core them the older games.

    I found that my weapons and armor where made out of glass. every time I went back to the outside of the town, after given or take the first hit, either my weapon or armor needed to be repair again. Weapon and armor needs a durability bar or there needs to be a skill where you learn to repair as one of the start skills.

    I hope this feedback helps you to make the best Might and Magic ever .
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    Hi evryone,

    so, here's my feedback after few hours of play.

    The first thing, is the flow of time, it's far too quick. it took me 2 full days without sleeping to explore the entire village, 48h to visit what ? 15 houses ? then i went out to explore, first fight, need to sleep, 2 fight, 3 fight, need to sleep already ??? flowing time should really be slowed.

    The second thing, breaking stuff, first time one item has broke, my defender broke is axe while shooting with his crossbow ... how did that happend ? anyway, i finish the fight, go back to town, sleep one more time... repairing, going back where i was, sleep ... next fight, bam, my barbarian broke is weapon... we are supposed to be avdenturer, if not heroes, and evry adventurer can take care of his own stuff, what happend to the repair skill from prévious M&M ? i stopped to play after this, running to city evry 5-6 fight just to repair someone weapon (i dont mention the number of sleeping ...)

    The third thing,, is identify, it's the same than broken stuff, where is the identify skill ?

    alchemy skill ? where are you ?

    and the bonus given by expert, master and GM magic skill ??? magic penetration ? that's it ? nothing like x2 duration ? or a great bonus ?

    it lack speed in fight, monster move tile to tile really slow, the animation took too much time, expecially when fighting 3 or 4 monsters, we are locked up, this break immersion a bit
    and it lack speed/initiative stat, a dagger as slow as a two handed mace ? i loved the recuperation timer from m&m6 where you could fire 2 or 3 arrows, even more if you have a quick character.

    anyway after all this, i had fun, the game is good and has a real awesome potential ! if i forget all the time sleeping and running town to repair/identify
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    1. Walking should be much faster and especially more fluid. There's no excuse why the party hops around like idiots if they're not in turn-based mode. When in battle this step-by-step-mechanic(and the pauses between steps) feels much more relevant.

    2. More varied set of in-game skills. Every skill in the game seems to be a Battle Oriented skill in one way or another. Where are the Misc. skills such as Repair, Identify Item, Diplomacy(Haggle),Disarm Trap?

    3. Repair/Identify
    Where to start... What's up with this: it does not matter how many items you need to identify or repair, as the price is always the same. At the moment it isn't rational to have your stuff repaired if you only have a few broken items. Same goes for identifying things. Please implement the Repair/Identify skills and make the shop identify/repair price vary upon the quantity and quality of your items. Seriously the old fashioned right-click to repair mechanic wouldn't be that hard to implement and it would make the game a whole much better.

    4. Food counter should be somewhere in the character bar. This way you could check your food supply without first going to inventory.

    5. More consistent targeting system as described by users before me.

    6. Explanation on how your progress(expert, master, grandmaster) in certain Magic School skill affects every Spell.

    Let me demonstrate:


    Fire Bolt

    Description: Does 20 damage + 1 damage per point of Fire Magic.

    Expert: 20 points of damage + 1 points damage (per point of Fire Magic)
    Master 20 points of damage + 3 points damage (per point of Fire Magic)
    Grand Master: 20 points of damage + 6 points damage (per point of Fire Magic)

    These are the first ones that popped to my mind, but there is much more things to improve.
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