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    Give us feedback and help to improve the game experience

    Give us feedback and help us improving your game experience

    Dear MMX Early Access players,

    Thank you for getting the Early Access version and for helping us making the best possible MMX by contributing your feedback during the Early Access phase.

    Please note that everyone can read this forum, but only Early Access players can also write here. This forum is for posting general feedback on the Early Access version.

    Some details from us about what we’d like to know from you, what we’re aware of, what will still be fixed and also what actually set in stone already:

    What we’re aware of

    We obviously have some topics in mind, we are either not yet satisfied with or features which are simply not yet implemented as the version will still be WIP (work in progress):

    • - The implementation of what we call "interactions". We have not yet implemented all the interactions we have in mind. We are lacking the small interactions granting you an attribute point, healing your party, increasing your resistance, etc.
    • - While we are still working on animations of some 3D models we will not finalize all of it for Early Access. To put it simple: Some animations could be better – it’s just a matter of time.
    • - Balancing remains still WIP.

    What we’d like to know from you / what we're looking for

    Foremost we’d love to receive feedback on the general game flow, balancing, progress and difficulty. This includes topics like: monster placement, character and combat values, signs & feedback as well as obviously over- or underpowered abilities/spells/skills/monsters.

    Feedback about the playtime it takes an average gamer to play ACT ONE. What went well in ACT ONE in terms of immersion and what went wrong. For instance maybe the Lighthouse is great as it is but the Den of Thieves feels "boring".

    Advice and suggestions on improvements based on our game´s ingredients and mechanics and last but not least, bugs, for which we created an extra forum here.

    What we're not interested in:

    The main story and the general basic game design and mechanics of the game are set in stone, and will not be changed. Examples:

    • - MMX takes place in Ashan
    • - MMX is mainly based upon Might & Magic IV-V
    • - MMX is a party-based game with 4 adventurers
    • - MMX has turn and tile based movement
    • - The grid in MMX consists of square tiles
    • - MMX reuses (and reworks) some of the already existing assets made available to the team by Ubisoft

    So the following examples are not really helpful to us:
    • - Visual feedback like "It doesn´t look like Skyrim"
    • - I want free movement, I want ArcoMage, I want real-time combat, I want to fly, I want Sci-fi, etc.

    Also, there are other features, which have to be balanced not only within the game but as well against development time and budget constraints.

    What we can promise though is that we will read and discuss your feedback.
    We think that your input is inspiring, challenging and crucial.

    Also, we are aware that we cannot and will not please everyone with MMX.

    As you might know, the Might & Magic series started in 1986, and spawned nine games with different gameplays. As a result, there are at least three generations of fans, with a different opinion on what is a "true Might & Magic game". So we knew, doing MMX and going for the World of Xeen tile-based gameplay, we would necessarily appeal more to some fans than others.

    However knowing all this, our goal is still to make the best possible game, which can be enjoyed by all Might & Magic fans.

    From now until Final Release

    The game is planned to be released in Early 2014. So currently we're between the Early Access and the full release of the game. We're using that time to integrate your feedback and produce content for Act 2, 3 and 4. Also we're working on the modding kit and, polishing the game and fixing all kinds of bugs.

    We’ve discussed this release goal quite a lot but in the end we all think that it is better to work with your feedback and release a more bug fixed and polished game a little later, than rushing the release now and maybe even disappoint you with a buggy game.

    So from now on, we’ll not only check the blog and all the forums, but we’ll be actively look into the exclusive Early Access boards.

    So at this point we want to give a huge thank you to all of you who already supported us with feedback on the Open Dev Blog as well as via other channels, and another big thank you in advance to all who will help us in the future. Your feedback is very valuable to us! Although we simply can’t fulfill all of your wishes, we always consider your input thoroughly.


    Your MMX team
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    My barbarian lost his attack and defend while in the spider dungeon. He was skilled in two-handed and mace. Never got it back. Icons for attack/defend simply vanished. All other characters could attack/defend or at least had the icon. in combat, i had the barbarian switch weapons in order to use his turn in the combat order.
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    You can find them in your spellbook, just drag them back where they belong Here's more about it.
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    Please let us move the characters around for combat effectiveness - Two by two, or at least let me move my mage out from the number 1 position
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    First of all THANKS for bringing back my favorite game in the whole world! I really appreciate the expectation levels you are looking to meet/exceed! Here are a few early observations from about 20 hours of gameplay so far....
    1) It would be handy to have all of the characters' inventories and equipped items available to view when in a shop, so that items that are equipped can be compared with items for sale.
    2) Each shop should be able to identify an item of that the shop specializes in (i.e. weapons shop identifies, repairs and sells weapons, the same with armor and specialty item shops).
    3) It seems that day and night is not quite in synch, as it takes most of a day to cross the village of New Sorpigal - just doesn't seem right to me. The monsters vs. characters may need some tweaking as to difficulty - especially at low levels in order to keep the interest of new players.
    Thanks again and keep up the good work!
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    4 hours into the game and I'm ready to put it down. Here are some gripes:
    1. Firing an arrow that causes my melee weapon to break makes no sense.
    2. The frequency of items breaking is annoying. Without the repair skill, an item break would require that I walk all the way back to town just to repair a broken item which happens roughly every 15 attack turns.
    3. Map markers aren't helpful. A sword or anvil icon for the blacksmith or potion icon for the alchemist would be helpful instead of a circle for everything.
    4. Weapon attacks aren't balanced. Arrows almost always hit, but melee adds an additional block rating. Daggers should have a faster attack speed to even out the damage which will make it a viable weapon to use.
    5. The archer and mage have no melee damage at all which forces me to keep all fighting at a distance because I have two useless melee characters when using a balanced team. Because of limited mana or expensive spells, the mage can't just keep firing spells because he runs out every 2-4 casts.
    6. There is no character or weapon speed. Item 4 touched on this a little where it would balance several aspects of the game which could possibly include travel time where a party of faster characters would take less time to move a square. If my memory serves me correctly, speed was even a stat in Might and Magic 3 back in 1991. I aged myself here, but MMX gameplay is very similar to MM3, but MMX has fewer features and game mechanics than the 1991 classic. Please don't tell me we can't make things better than a 22 year old game (which I loved to play). I understand different company and all, but we still follow Moore's Law on the hardware side; with so much more processing power and modern day programming languages, the software has to advance too.
    7. Early game leveling is slow. This allows for very little early skill customization and kind of forces players to grind for experience before advancing to the next quest.

    Other than that, I like how you are bringing back classic Might and Magic gameplay, but I don't like how the game mechanics (Stats and skills) are more simplified than all of the previous versions of Might and Magic. Simplicity is great from an interface perspective, but internally, I feel MMX is lacking certain variables and calculations to help balance the game.
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    I have a problem. Sometime when I enter into a shop or open a chest, the game show me the message "Object identified" and withdraw 20 po until I have no more po
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    I just finished Act 1, clearing everything (I think) except the ghosts. I played on Warrior difficulty (whichever one is the higher of the two)

    Thinks I liked:
    1) I'm glad y'all are making this - but of course I'm the kind of person who gets the early access pass, so of course I'm glad
    2) I appreciated that the lighthouse boss was "different" and had some interesting abilities. I also liked the Castle boss encounter - making the boss fights play within the existing rules but with interesting variations is nice.
    3)I enjoyed the bestiary.

    So, specific issues:
    I see some stuff covered in the blog post about feedback received (weapon breakage, etc) that I'm going to skip over.

    1) When I'm in a shop, I can't tell which character I've got selected for skill purposes. So with the default party, initial skills, axes show as unusable, unless I happen to have the Dwarf Defender selected. I'd like to be able to tell who can use the item, or at least be able to toggle between my characters here.
    2) When identifying items, I couldn't tell what the cost of identification would be.
    3) Enemy movement animations - For a lot of the monsters, placement matters (letting brigands come around a corner to you, etc), but I spend a lot of time waiting for them to advance. Your blog post says you're working on some animations to fix them, but every enemy I encountered took a long time to move, especially in contrast to the fairly speed attack animations.
    4) Ghost casting animation - This one stood out because every other attack animation was nice and fast, but the "Torpor" spellcast anim was very slow.
    5) Ghost difficulty - Assuming these are supposed to be on par with the other creatures, they were actually way tougher due to paralysis.
    6) Healing Potion cost/use - On "Warrior" with the default party I think I spent 8-9 healing potions and 3 mana potions killing the lighthouse boss, and 3 characters died. It felt like a challenging but doable battle (actually it felt impossible at first try but I was letting him build up too many retaliation hits). If I'd had 2x as many potions it would have been trivial, half as many it would have been possibly impossible. With shop restocking, I worry that interesting bosses will just become potion fests where I just keep downing potions to get them healed. And if potions are too expensive, someone could run out of money and get into an unwinnable situation. What some games do is put a cap on how many potions you can carry. I don't know if that's the right solution here, but it would make it easier to balance.
    7) "Resting" 'R' button got double queued - I hit R twice in a row by accident, before it rested the first time, and I ended up resting 2x in a row. Barring a desire to change it from day->night or back, I can't think of a reason you'd ever want to rest 2x in a row (Without at least casting a spell in between) - so perhaps it shouldn't queue the key press? If I really want to rest again, I could hit the key again after the first rest finished.
    8) In the 3rd floor of the castle, near (8,8), I was trying to lure 2 brigands into melee range, and combat kept dropping although I could see them on my minimap and they seemed to be pursuing me.
    9) My freemage has way more skills than I have buttons. Especially when I want to cast non-combat skills (clairvoyance, whispering shadows). Could we get 2 toolbars for characters - 1 for combat and 1 for non-combat?
    10) The retaliation ability on Elite Brigands is kind of irritating - it punishes me for attacking with mediocre melee attackers. Maybe if it only hit the first PERSON to hit them, not once per person? Certainly in Heroes of Might and Magic that's the way the retaliation generally works (capped # of retaliations). That way I could be more strategic about order of hitting them.
    11) I found the bestiary quest after already having 10 enemies in it, and it didn't seem to credit them.

    Thanks again!
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    Was playing yesterday and all my gold/money and supplies dissappeared. I was in the lighthouse if that matters. Any thoughts
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    This game NEEDS mana regeneration, at least as an options for ppl who want to use it.
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