Assassin Spy's.... xbox360...

now we are a team bassed clan no bs no bs and did i mention no bs.
alot of us have been gameing together online since brotherhood.

mainly a day time / evening play time

u kill steal u ent worth our time.
u kill P markers not worth our time.
take 100 point kill over ur team mate getting a 1200 not worth our time.

we play multi games u are allways welcome to join us on if u are accpeted.

now to the details we are looking for good skilled team players or ppl willing to learn.
NEEDED SKILLS: Must be able to take criticism as many other clans and players think we hack due to team skill
::::::::::::::::::::::::::allso Must be able to get along and joke around with the clan, if not bye bye..
:::::::::::::::::::::::::: smokeing weed might get u in faster lol :P
::::::::::::::::::::::::::last if u are inested u may apply on the site or add DJ RDO my 2nd account.
i only use this one for ac3 clan stuff as i have had many issues with ubi soft and uplay .. dont aagree with there policeys as a consumer .. got ripped off if it means much