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    Black Chest Edition details

    I am from INDIA and wish to pre-order the 'ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ BLACK CHEST EDITIOn.' for Pc
    But when i search for it on the net, am re-directed to 'uplay' page where the only available version is a 'Special Edition'
    I have friends in the U.S and also in the UK who can purchase it for me and ship it at the earliest. Can I have the link to the URL where I or my friends can pre-order the black chest edition?
    Or is there any chance that i can purchase it myself from here in INDIA and get it shipped even if it means i need to pay the shipping charges as well.

    Any help about the information from UBISOFT support (if this is not the place to ask , kindly suggest me whom to approach) themself would be much appreciated.


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    Black Chest won't be sold in the US either. But it might still be available in the UK, ask your friend(s) to visit: ubishop emea
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    I'm also from India and uplay doesn't ship here so you have to ask your friend to ship it to you.
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