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    Tarjas Templar
    Are You Jordan
    Tyrants Crusade

    About Us

    We are basicly a group of misfits that just want to have fun with the game. We are a small team that is just fed up with the negative things that can come with being in a clan. There is no leader of this team and no obligation to be on. We do scrim and we play all the game modes. We come on and just play together and have fun. We have a good laugh doing random silly things like poisoning people in Artifact Assault and watching them run into the circle and waste all their abilities. We can have fun and we can be serious. The only thing we ask of you is keep our name clean. That would mean no cheating. And try to avoid using gun and hack in Artifact Assault. Other then that you are free to do what you will. so if you are fed up with clan bs and just want to come have fun. Well we would like to meet you and see if you are right for our team

    How to Join us

    This is rather easy. Just contact us and we will meet with you. If you end up being a cool guy or girl then we will consider inviting you to our team.
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    O.o Have fun...
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    Originally Posted by Moi-dix-Mois43 Go to original post
    O.o Have fun...
    we will.
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