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    With Uplay, join Ubisoft at our Gamescom event!

    On Wednesday 21st, Uplay will create a unique event on Ubisoft's Gamescom booth, and
    200 lucky fans will have the great opportunity to get invited prior the show grand opening.

    • Want to get your hands on the latest Ubisoft games before everyone else?
    • Dream to play our games without standing in line?
    • Hope to meet your favorite game development team?
    • What if the Ubisoft booth opens just for you?

    The Uplay team was kind enough to give us some tickets to attend this event during this year’s Gamescom, and we want to give you guys a chance to enter for one of these! To do so, please answer the following question:

    Name two maps and three characters in Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Multiplayer.

    The first 20 users to post the correct answers on this forum will be put into a draw for a chance to win a ticket to the event.
    Good luck to all!

    • This is an invite only event
    • You must be over 18 to participate
    • If you're one of the lucky winners, you will be asked to give your first name, last name, and e-mail address
    • Please do not participate if you do not plan to attend Gamescom 2013 - accomodation and transportation will not be provided
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    Adventurer, Puppeteer, Lady Black for the character names.

    Portobello and Santa Lucia for the map names.

    Mighty Quest for Epic Loot for the randomly generated username. :3
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    Saba Island, Santa Lucia

    Puppeteer, Mercenary, Cutthroat

    So excited, can't wait to test AC4 and all the other Ubisoft games !!
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    Characters the Dandy, Puppeteer, and Lady Black

    Maps: Saba Island and Santa Lucian
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    Characters : Lady Black, Puppeteer, The Physician
    Maps : Santa Lucia, Portobello
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    maps Portobello, Santa Lucia
    characters: the Dandy, the Rebel, Lady Black
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    Maps: Saba Island and Santa Lucia
    Characters: The Puppeteer, Lady Black and the Navigator
    EDIT: I'm not going to Gamescom
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    Santa lucia saba island

    the lady black
    the dAndy
    the mercenary
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    1) Navigator
    2) Puppeteer
    3) Lady Black

    1) Santa Lucia
    2) Saba Island
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    1. The Lady Black
    2. The Dandy
    3. The Puppeteer


    1. Portobelo
    2. Santa Lucia

    After checking the finances, unfortunately I do not have the money required to attend at this time. Please ignore this post. Thanks.
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